Irateness is Far From Greatness (2635-2645)

I feel bad for Zeb. He’s a good person and truly a gentle and patient soul. How else could he deal with being married to me?



One of the major pitfalls of eBay is that the buyer/seller rating system is skewed heavily towards the buyer’s benefit. Any buyer can leave a bad review despite efforts to remedy the problem and there is little to nothing a seller can do about it. Zeb has issued full refunds and still gotten negative feedback that has affected his business for an entire year.

Negative feedback isn’t just a stain on your record, it can raise your shipping rates and seller’s fees. You can have 1000 positive ratings but it only takes one negative to jack up your costs. But as far as eBay is concerned the customer is always right.

He received this lovely little missive today. Apparently somebody didn’t like his vintage coat. Even though Zeb clearly states a no return policy, he usually accepts them in the interest of world peace, especially if there is a discrepancy between the item and the description. This picture of enlightenment wrote:

“I know that you said you are not accepting returns for reasons of size which is clearly WAY TOO SMALL, however, I am returning this due to the measurement chart you provided. I took a tape measure and measured the collar to bottom and it is at least 3″ shorter than you listed. Also, here is what the Men’s Small Size Chart from Patagonia: Chest (36-38″) Neck (15-15 1/2″) Sleeve (33″) Literally, I cant believe you marketed this as a men’s small, not sure if you shrunk the shit out of it or what but its god damn tiny and quite frankly misleading. I am really pissed off. However, since I can not return for its size, I am returning it instead because the collar to bottom is 20″ not 23.5 as you wrote, which is actually what makes this jacket look ridiculous on me. You definitely shrunk it in a dryer, didnt you? I ask that you do the right thing and take this item back and give it to a little kid because you should not be selling this shit. Remember Karma is a bitch.”

Wow. Doesn’t that fill you up with the milk of human kindness? How about opening with something a little more tame, like, “Hey, this doesn’t fit and the measurements are off. Can you do anything about it?” Instead he decided to go all nuclear from the get-go. It terrifies me that a person like this could obtain a gun.

This person clearly has anger issues. This was his first (and hopefully only) communication with Zeb yet it is entirely likely that he will leave negative feedback even after he gets a full refund. He’s mad about life and looking for a bone to pick. And what will eBay do about it? Jack shit. This kind of stuff gets under Zeb’s skin and keeps him up at night. It is a frustrating and imperfect system.

I’m just glad that I’m not this guy’s dog, or wife. You can’t control other people, they will do what they will, but I can cut the crap in my own life.


Another chicken purse. I have chickens. I love my chickens. I do not need to have chickens inform my fashion statements. DONATE.


A sweater I attempted to felt in the washing machine. It didn’t felt up AND I lost steam on my Martha Stewart felted quilt project. It is moth eaten so TRASH.


I’m giving the top one to Tabby for her Airstream but the rest are staying.


Four bowls that don’t match any other bowls in the house. DONATE.


These cookies taste terrible and I have no need for the tin. The chickens are going to enjoy some nice “premium cookies”.


These don’t fit my ears and they have crappy sound. TRASH.


I used to love this outfit. I got it shortly after Micah was born and was psyched beyond words to wear a miniskirt again. I haven’t worn it for two or three years now. The hoodie is cute but insufferably pilly. DONATE.

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8 thoughts on “Irateness is Far From Greatness (2635-2645)

  1. I hear you on the EBay “buyer is never wrong” problem. I’ve been fortunate so far with ratings but my time is probably coming. I do lose money on shipping books due to their shipping policies. eBay has changed for the worse over the years.
    I have to ask—why are you keeping those two wooden sign things? What place of honor in your home is getting them?

    • Zeb has over 1000 items up at any given time, it is just a matter of time before someone isn’t happy. Still, it sucks that there isn’t a way to make it more balanced. Some people like to talk about the item quality, like this is YELP or something. If they don’t like the quality of the XYZ Eddie Bauer sweater, they shouldn’t have purchased it. As long as it is AS DESCRIBED, they should be satisfied. We aren’t manufacturers, just resellers of used clothing. Anyway, don’t get me started. The sign things will probably go outside the house. They speak to me.

  2. Me, too, but I spent money on mine! Granted, it was Goodwill (for wool) but still. I have not given up and tossed them yet. I still think I’ll get to it. Yeah, right.

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