I dreamt I was sleeping with Zeb and one of the boys. I was in the middle, natch.

Then a former housemate  joined us in the bed and was TOTALLY NAKED! He said, “I’m cold and want to snuggle.” I was totally game (of course) and cuddled up to him with his back to me (RED FLAG! I should have known this dream wasn’t going to play out).  Then he was like, “Actually, I’d rather do this.” and he got on top of Zeb, face-to-face, and Zeb was like, “This is awkward.”

What do you think this means?!?!

I think it means that the time change is screwing with my head. It also means that I accidentally clicked on the “publish” button for yesterday’s second post, which led to me screaming NONONONONONONO!!! at the computer as I tried to take it back, and now I need to come up with something for today. I’m a completionist and when I say that I am going to post every day, I mean it! When all the days on my blog calendar are red, except that one that isn’t because I accidentally posted twice the day before, it kinda keeps me up at night.

I know, I really ought to seek professional help.

BUT, this is an excellent opportunity to inflict my dream-damage onto you and embarrass myself. And post a link to my favorite Justin Timberlake/Adam Samberg video. I was inclined to dismiss JT until I stumbled upon Dick in a Box, then he became my favorite male vocalist ever. I love someone with a sense of humor.

I don’t have any items to post because I did them yesterday by accident. It counts.

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