Donna Mejia and Tribal Fusion (2462-2467)

I cleared out another shelf and brought records up for Zeb to sort. It was a no-can-do kind of day, though. I dragged him onto campus for a little culture, thus shortening our day. We saw Assistant Professor Donna Mejia give an informal performance of her iconic piece, Idolatry and lecture briefly on Transnational Dance and its’ evolution.

We danced together 20 years ago in a University based dance company. I stepped away from dance whereas she became a professor and headlining performer of international acclaim.


Take a few minutes to watch the video, her Tribal Fusion dance style is mind blowing. I hope to learn from her and incorporate her isolations into my pole dance.

One of the pitfalls of tackling the basement is that I need Zeb to cooperate, I can’t go through the records on my own. I’ll get him to look at the albums in the morning even if it means holding breakfast hostage. I already took pictures of the best covers but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see them.

I have just a few choice pieces of junk to get out of here today. Okay, it’s only six pieces but I did 76 yesterday and probably will do just as many tomorrow. You don’t want me to achieve my goal too soon, do you?


I hate this vacuum. We have three in our hall closet and I’m not sure why. It’s one of those closets where I have to shove something in and then slam the door really fast.

There is the vacuum I love and then the one that is stuffed all the way in the back and then this one. It totally sucks but not in a good way. It has a way of just blowing the dirt around but none of it actually goes into the vacuum. GONE.


A random salt shaker. GONE.

IMG_2708Two tiny glasses that used to belong to my grandmother. She had a whole set displayed next to her dining room table. They make me think of her but lots of things make me think of her, like the color red, architecture, well made clothing and tasty tomatoes. I don’t need these little glasses to keep her memory alive. Also out of here are two ugly dishes I made. The glaze ran on the bottom so they are sharp and scratch the table. GONE.

2 thoughts on “Donna Mejia and Tribal Fusion (2462-2467)

  1. I have a complaint. The blog was later than usual today and usually I read it whilst eating my breakfast. Today due to lateness of blog I had to talk to Matt whilst eating my breakfast.

    Now unfortunately I know more about disc brakes than I ever cared to, and I am worried that this worthless information will take up space in my noggin that should have been used for biochemistry studies and small dogs.

    Love the little glasses and dishes.

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