Sentimental Value (2328-2337)

I feel the need to sit back a little after yesterday’s major purge-o-rama. And it’s Sunday. I’m getting rid of a few lingering things that have sentimental value, which gets easier each time. This process has given me faith that I can preserve the memories even though the physical object is gone.

Zeb cleaned up the living room for a party the other night. The floorspace around his desk tends to pile up with stuff on auction and just having that space clear makes a huge difference in my outlook. I’m not as down on my house and I feel like my goal of a less cluttered home is possible.


Ten items.


Sometime in the 80’s this house had lace panels in all the windows. We have stockpile despite the fact that we switched to blinds 10 years ago. It’s the power of habit. Zeb saw them cheap, thought they will be useful, and bought them. We have boxes of them. I’m donating these to my sons’ school fundraiser.


This sword bit the dust in last night’s battle royale. I feel bad about Uncle Al getting clocked in the head. I’ve noticed that my boys have a hard time apologizing when they hurt someone. I don’t think it is because they don’t care (unless they hurt each other in which case they are completely unapologetic) but just the opposite. They are embarrassed about what they’ve done and fear that apologizing will magnify their guilt. At least that’s my guess. The ball came off a ball and paddle toy within minutes of being opened and the giant ant just needs to go. TRASH.


I had fun making this wood grain fold bowl in class. I’m happy with the results but never use it. It can be yours. Make an offer.


An amateurish cup in stonewear. FREE.


Bridget loved giant salt and pepper shakers. I was completely enamored with her and her hostess acumen. Over the years I’ve adopted the styles/habits/hobbies of those I admire. I’m glad to say that these days I know who I am and these shakers aren’t me. I’m more of a salt cellar and pepper grinder kind of gal. FREE.


This little picture has big memories from one of our 14er adventures. Never print photos on cheap printers, BTW, the ink fades quickly. Despite how messed up the print is, I kept it around because it reminded me of falling in love with Zeb. I’ve got more pictures, though, and him. TRASH.

4 thoughts on “Sentimental Value (2328-2337)

  1. Such an example of one persons trash being another persons treasure, That Bowl that you were eliminating is not literally my most prised piece of tablewear! I keep moving it around the house looking for a nicer spot to put it in- its absloutley beautiful – plus you MADE it, from scratch with your own two hands! Its so great to know the creator, I wish that there were more things in life like that, from the food I eat to the clothes I wear, its always so much better when you know where it came from.

    • I’m glad you like it! Too bad I am six inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than me. If we were even remotely the same size I could give you some great handmade clothes.

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