Flow Chart (2103-2115)

Yesterday was a big day with my coverage in the Daily Camera. I got spoiled by having my 1000+ hits and it kind of threw me. However, my main purpose even if no one reads my blog is to get rid of stuff and gain back my life. I didn’t get rid of anything new but I spent the better part of the day getting rid of stuff that has been lingering.

But now that I am back to reality (and my 13 followers!) I have established an order for my Process of Elimination, because the stuff that lingers drives me insane.

Day 1: Blog and my mom’s Yahoo group

Day 2: Freecycle

Day 3: Donate

I need to delve into Zeb’s stuff but I’m not sure where to start. The records? His vintage first edition pulp collection? This is where the work really begins.

With that in mind today is all about diabetic footwear. You heard me right. Zeb gets a lot of his inventory from estate sales where he finds end of life stuff like shoes for people with diabetes. Lightly used, natch. He brought a buttload home, plopped them in my office, and said, “For our travel fund!”

When I tell people that Zeb sells stuff on eBay, they are like, “Oh, that is SO INTERESTING.” Sometimes it is she said never, but mostly it is completely uninteresting stuff like orthopedic footwear, fugly sweaters, and “vintage” clothing (meaning the 80s which makes me feel soooo old). eBay is great because collectors always find the money for something they really, really want. Or need, as the case may be with these shoes.


Celebrity is such a burden (said with tongue firmly in cheek). Graham – a dad from school – saw my article and said, “Now we want to know what you got rid of yesterday,” and I said, “Diabetic shoes.” See what I have to deal with?

Dansko clogs that don’t fit, Merrill shoes that don’t fit, bitchin’ moonboots, lots of diabetic shoes, a Prana top and a little puppet that I don’t want. Coming soon to eBay, except for the puppet.

IMG_2416Pugsly “helping” me write. The little biter wormed his way into my bed last night. He done wore me down.

IMG_2405Pugsly “helping” in the sun room. Actually, he did help. He ate some cat poop Frank hunched out onto the floor out of protest to all the extra dog activity.

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  1. Vivienne at this stage in your process I think that it is vital that you have a little black dog with you wherever you go. You will feel lost without him!

    I love this blog and all that you are doing with it! Really hoping that people will read and feel inspired to allow some freedom into thier lives but cutting the crap out!

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