Gargie Award

This was a big day for me! The Boulder Daily Camera published a great article about my project in the Sunday paper and I got nominated for my very first award!

Amélie of Amélie’s Bookshelf nominated me to be the recipient of the Gargie Award. I love her blog about her favorite books. She is a mother of two children and is doing a better job than I am of raising two little book lovers. I look to her for inspiration and fantasize about being a child in Hawaii. She must read my blog a lot because she knows me well. She wrote, “While I know the point of this is to get rid of your clutter, I’m adding a small stone gargoyle to the mix – I’m nominating you for a prestigious Gargie award. Because it’s cool…like you.” Talk about making my day!


The Bookshelf Gargoyle is just that- a small stone monstrous creature that sits on a bookshelf holding books up. However, he is crazy creative just like Jeff Wu of Team Alchemist Blog, eco bicycling gear designer, bike racer and family man by day, ER doctor by night. Right now he’s in Tanzania with Doug Pitt’s charity that helps supply fresh water. He’s a cool guy, a funny writer and doesn’t appear to need sleep at all. He has been so encouraging about my blogging and I’m nominating for a Gargie because he deserves it!

2 thoughts on “Gargie Award

  1. I found your blog today while farking. Totally love it! I will be following it to get motivated and inspired to try the purge 10 items a day myself. It might be hard on the days I work the 12 hour shifts at work, but maybe I can make up for it later in the week.

    Now if I could only get your motivation for working out and better eating habits to go along with it, that would be perfect. Too bad we don’t have pole dancing instructors around here!

    • I’m not sure where you live but you can learn a lot from It is a subscription based website that offers on-line lessons from beginning to expert. I know a really amazing pole dancer that got her start with veena. Good luck with your own purge process. Take it easy on yourself, though. Give yourself a free pass on those 12-hour days! Thanks for following.

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