Today, The Daily Camera. Tomorrow, the Huffington Post!

My Blog in the Paper!

Aimee Heckel wrote this great piece about me in the Boulder Daily Camera! Thanks Aimee! Now where’s that picture of your box of junk? I might just have to stick a pin in Mr. Monkey if you don’t produce the proof.

13 thoughts on “Today, The Daily Camera. Tomorrow, the Huffington Post!

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    • Another thing to feel good about. The Masaai kids loooooved the toys you donated for us to give out. Many thanks for the contribution. The unabashed grin you get from an unsuspecting 5 year old goat herder when they are handed a Hot Wheel is priceless.

      • That’s so awesome! Thanks for being willing to schlep that stuff all the way over there. Can you take any pictures to show my kids with their old toys?

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