Ice Anemone (2069-2084)

I stopped for some day-olds from The Breadworks and spotted this little miracle. The spray had come off the hubcap of this car just so and made this wonderful pattern in ice. I didn’t have a camera so I left a note on the windshield to point out this beauty and ask the owner to email a picture to me. It was a long-shot but today this picture arrived. Thanks Justin!

This was one of those good Only-In-Boulder moments. There will always be strange people on trails, severed dredlocks and restaurant tantrums over packaging or gluten, but Boulder is also filled with people who are game, fun and kind.

This is yet another post about dogs. I can’t help it, they are on my mind. At least this time no one was mean to me.


Testy likes the little dogs because he can walk them himself.

I’m taking care of Pugsly, Tabby’s pugoodle/ pugapoo. She watches El Stupido when we’re out of town so I figure that pound-for-pound I’m getting a pretty good deal.

Let me tell you, though, Pugs is ten times the dog Blue is when it comes to manic energy. Most of the time Blue acts like furniture. I like furniture.

The boys are delirious about our houseguest, Blue is ticked off that Pugs is always trying to usurp the dog bed, Frank won’t come out of the closet, Zeb is irritated that I keep bringing tiny dogs home and I think Cato might have a nervous breakdown. Cato is not an animal person.

For example, in order to interface more effectively with Frank (this is totally how Cato’s mind works) he found this nifty guide to petting cats. I must say I learned something from it. For instance, a cat rolling onto his back and exposing his underside IS NOT an invitation to pet his belly. It’s a trap. How many times I’ve fallen for it?


Cato has barricaded himself in the living room with his computer and a pile of clothing to sell. Pugs is staring at me like I should be doing something.

I guess I’ll haul some crap out of the basement.


Sixteen items from around the house. I even ventured onto one of those ledges where things get dusty and forgotten.


I don’t have the covers but the CDs look good. $1 each. GONE


I’m pretty sure these came from a garage sale. Zeb buys entire folders of CDs. Oh goody. FREE.


These are from the estate sale of the Mayan Calendar dooms-dayist. He died before the reckoning came. He would have been really disappointed in how it turned out, especially since he was so ready. He didn’t want to live without Annie Chung, MREs, truffle oil, and lots of DVDs. FREE.

First season. FREE.


Palm hats. FREE.


Assorted glass beads (size 10 I think) and shells. FREE.


These are beakers in metal racks. I purchased them from Pottery Barn or the like years ago to use as spice containers. They have been sitting on a high ledge for years. $5 for both. GONE


One is broken but still usable. I bet you could easily get a replacement at a chemist supply.


Pottery fail. Free.


Just incase the drainage holes weren’t sufficient, the sides are pulling apart. TRASH or FREE if you get to it before Western Disposal.

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