Dog Sitting (2094-2102)

Day Two of taking care of Pugsly. He is an odd little dog and though I barely tolerate adore him (especially on walks when he tires out Blue) I’m having a hard time figuring out why people like small dogs. Except for the small poop, small teeth, small food bill and cuteness factor, they are a major pain in the ass. Look at me, all hatin’ on small dogs. I’m not worried about offending Tabby because she knows it’s true.



Does the way he is sitting look weird to you? It does to me. And his butt hole is totally touching my arm rest. Ew.

He proved himself completely worthless last night while we watched The Hunt for Red October (30 Rock gave me a hankering for the good old days when Alec Baldwin was hot) which held up really well despite being 23 years-old. I was hoping Pugs would entertain the kids. They enjoy the novelty of being around a dog small enough to pick up and have in their laps. But no. He had to be all over me. Then the filthy rodent wanted to sleep with me. I kept chucking him into the boys’ room but he refused to stay in put.

He’s been quite helpful around the house as I purged a load of crap today.


All junk that has been annoying me.


Foam rollers. We have three. Why have three when  you can have one? So the kids can have sword fights with them and annoy me, that’s why. $5 each, not bad considering that they are $20 new.


Timbuktu bag. It is barely used and perfectly clean. It would be the perfect diaper/around town bag. $10.




Scrap fabric. A friend asked me to make a quilt out Hawaiian shirts to sell at a fundraiser. Sure, I’ll donate 30 hours of skilled labor, why not? I bought the backing fabric and then thought it through and backed out. It was a rare instance where I acted in my own best interest. FREE.


Vintage wooden duck pull toy. It clacks and the head rotates. When we lived on the 3rd floor the tenants underneath us said listening to it go across the wooden floors in the morning was like Chinese water torture. I concur. FREE.


Wallaroo hat, size large. It’s been washed and is clean. It needs to be rewetted and dried flat. It’s a great hat. $5 OBO.


Pugsly helping me photograph stuff. Nylon bag shopping bag, just like the bag ladies use! FREE.


Unopened regular sized Ball lids. You already know how I feel about home canned foodFREE.


More wool for needle felting! $5.


File folders. Lots and lots of file folders. I’m trying to go paperless. $2.


I’m declaring a war on storage bins, of any kind. And little mongrels. FREE.


Hand made capes. Both reverse out (red/blue). One is full circle, the other is a rectangle. They are left over from the birthday party where I made capes as party favors. Stupid me. FREE.

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5 thoughts on “Dog Sitting (2094-2102)

  1. Hi Vivienne,
    I already reached out to you via Rocknmoms regarding the foam rollers, but I thought I’d contact you here with a better email for me. Besides, I am also interested in the Timbukto and the large file folders. I am happy to help you purge. 🙂

  2. I think I’d like to adopt your storage bins. 🙂 And no I’m not just saying that so you’ll come to Longmont. Oh and I have a big dog…maybe he can come stay with you next time we go out of town. yay!

    • Aw … the bins are spoken for. But if the person doesn’t show, they are yours. You have no idea what you would be getting into with Blue. He’s a hot mess!

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