Race Car Bed (2059-2068)

Blue never gets on the furniture. Almost never. He doesn’t look at the couches with any interest but he sleeps on Testiclese’s bed. I don’t know why he got in bed that first night but he’s pretty much called dibs on it. It was okay at first but as the dog gets fatter and the kid gets longer, it’s getting crowded.


See the problem?

Blue has no interest in the dog bed in our room, and why would he when he’s got a real bed to sleep on? I’m considering getting him a toddler bed. I’ve been scanning Craigslist to find something cheap or free. I think it would be kind of funny to get him a race car bed, like Ricky Schroder (it was Ricky back then) had in Silver Spoons. 

Or I could go all the way and get him a Millennium Falcon bed. Imagine the play he’d get in this baby!

But look how cute they are!


Here’s the stuff from today. I’m starting to slow down with the purging which is a good sign. It means that the easy stuff is largely gone. There is still a shitload of stuff to get rid of, but it requires more work. But trust me, I’ll get to it.


I have a crock in my kitchen full of utensils, of which I use maybe three or four. Okay, I lied. I have TWO crocks. Some of the utensils are cool and vintage, some are useful and some are just junky plastic like these spoons. I’m donating them.

I went through our media cabinet this morning, searching for easy pickins’. Bingo.


The OC, Season One. FREE.


Dawson’s Creek Complete Seasons One and Two. For your girl nights. FREE.


I don’t think this the one with Kim Bassinger. FREE.


The Land Before Time 7. On VHS baby. FREE.


I bought this to take on vacation but I felt awkward jumping around in my sister-in-law’s living room. FREE.


The Simple Life, when Paris and Nicole were BFFs. I don’t think this Blind Date is the one with Kim Bassinger. FREE.

8 thoughts on “Race Car Bed (2059-2068)

  1. dogs on the bed, argh! that’s what I think…even though those guys are awful cute together. Teste looks bigger, and Blue looks filled out & healthy.

    and then there’s you, posed in the bathtub evidently out on the roof, snow on the hills in the background. looks a mite chilly…

    • The big guy doesn’t get to come in bed with me. No. Way. Yes, the shoot was chilly. It wasn’t so bad while I was in the middle of it. It wasn’t until I was inside di dI realize how cold I was! What I do my readership.

  2. Sexy header pics Viv! Are those new? I love The Simple Life! I also am guilty of loving The OC. Hahah.
    Your dog looks so sweet. I love dogs. They definitely deserve their own beds…!

    • Thanks! The photos are new. I spiffed up my blog in anticipation of an article on me and my project in tomorrow’s paper. It’s just the local rag, but it’s a start. You think I should spring for the Millennium Falcon?

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