Why I Should Drink More (2044-2058)

I’m not a big drinker except on special occasions, but last night I broke form and ordered a glass of chardonnay at the Mountain Sun (sacrilege!) and noticed that I am much nicer when I’ve had a glass or two. For one, I was able to deal with the 45 minute wait without completely freaking out on the kids for darting around the restaurant like squirrels. I hissed loudly enough to startle a fellow patron, though.

Then I made it through a whole game of War without getting totally OCD about the cards not being neatly arranged at faced the same direction. We had a good time despite the wait and the fact that it was loud and chaotic. Despite the fact that Wells Fargo denied my business loan application …

Can I tell you how much I hate Wells Fargo? I hate everything about them. I hate their bullshit overdraft protection that charges you $20 to transfer funds from your own savings account. I hate the way they always have the Food Network playing in their branches. I hate the way they pretend to be about relationships with their cookies and coffee when they are really about bleeding you dry with fees and don’t give you a loan even when you have perfect credit and have been with them for 21 years.

Fuck them, I’m joining Elevations Credit Union.

Anyway, despite all that, I was relaxed and game. This is a red flag, right? This is where the slippery slope to addiction starts. Fortunately I despise being hung over so alcoholism is probably not in the cards. I’m not a glutton for punishment despite having married a hoarder.

My bottled relaxation didn’t stop me from having a little fun with Frank.


Coned for no reason. Take that.


My mom gave me some lovely chopsticks for x-mas so I’m getting rid of these. The cloisonne ones are quite pretty. FREE. The blue beads are some kind of stone. Zeb says I should take them to a bead shop and find out. They are going in the car. The Korg Chromatic tuner is FREE.


My pantry is getting ugly again. Out go a couple empty containers to the recycling.

The blue and red tiffins in the back are cool. I bought them out of nostalgia for the metal ones they have in Thailand. It reminds me of when I went to Thailand with my dad when I was 13. He didn’t supervise my packing so I brought giant suitcases full of things I would never use. Like a tiffin, purchased in Thailand, brought to the US  as a gift for me, and then brought back in a suitcase holding a tube of lipgloss. He made me lug my own suitcases and since then no one packs lighter than me. No one. Yet another case of parental tough love paying off. The tiffins are $5 for both.


“For a longer life.” I bought it in a fit of self-doubt. Stupid. I used maybe two scoops? Kept sealed in my pantry. Perfect for poisoning the water supply. FREE.


The vegan rice protein is opened but I think I took one scoop out. Another case of me feeling insecure about myself and buying a stupid product to quell my anxieties. It doesn’t expire until 2014 and has been sitting tightly closed in my pantry. FREE.


The wool for the needle felting FLEW out the door yesterday. If only everything were that easy. I threw in these needle felting tools to sweeten the deal. My camera is acting strange.


Speaking of acting strange, Zeb put a sweater on Blue and it made him act all weird. Scrotus doesn’t know how to look normal in front of the camera.


This is the last child-proofing lock to come off the kitchen, now that Zeb cleaned out the chemical cabinet. Good riddance!

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7 thoughts on “Why I Should Drink More (2044-2058)

  1. I would love the vegan rice protein- I struggle to eat enough on weeks like this when its 20+ classes….and its not for want of trying! Yesterday I had 1.5 hours between classes and figured that was enough time to digest a huge bowl of noodles and peanuts. I was horribly wrong and felt like spewing all class- that really sucks when you are the teacher and are supposed to ooze vitality.

    Stop torturing your animals- you can have mine at the weekend…

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