Packaging Diet (1976-1985)

For years I have been in the habit of tucking a Tupperwear in my bag when I dine out so I can avoid disposable t0-go boxes. It’s not quite as old lady as wrapping food in a napkin and stuffing it in my purse, but it’s close. It turns out that I’ve been ahead of the times and now I’m earth’s warrior. Yay me!

The other day I went to Whole Foods to pick up dinner at the hot bar. As usual I brought my own containers (you’re welcome) and I was informed that it is now against policy, for health reasons. I guess I shouldn’t expect any more from a company whose founder doesn’t believe in global warming. The clerk was cool about it and looked the other way, but really. Really? What’s next? You can’t fill up your travel mug with coffee? Are lawyers really that bored? Is the world so safe that Tupperwear is the new public enemy Numero Uno? They could redirect some of their energies to real public health concerns, like global warming or gun control?

I digress.

Harmy told me that she went to a vegan restaurant and the woman ahead of her got a take-out salad and brought her own container. Good for her! The waitress returned it with a small container of dressing … which caused a major existential crisis. The customer informed her server in a high-and-mighty way that she was on a “packaging diet” and couldn’t accept the disposable salad dressing container.

Only in Boulder.

So the server helpfully said, “How about I pour the dressing over your salad?” to which the distressed customer replied, “But what will you do with the container? Are you just going to throw it out or will you find another use for it?” At that point the server (understandably) cut her losses and said, “I’m sure I can find a use for it.”

I totally love what this woman is doing to cut back on waste, I wish everyone was in this habit. What makes me shake my head is that she doesn’t know how to pick her battles.

The dressing container is done, lady, whether you take it home or not. Maybe it relieves your conscience to have the waitress lie to you and then toss it when you aren’t looking, but you are the one getting take-out. How about instead of having a snit and getting on some packaging diet high-horse (thanks for announcing it to everyone in the restaurant), you should realize that you missed an opportunity and just gave packaging dieters a bad name. Most of us (yes, I guess I’m kind of one) aren’t sanctimonious pains-in-the-ass.

Take the fucking dressing, reuse the damn container, and next time ask the waiter to pour the dressing on top when you order your take-out salad. Or make a salad at home and pack it up in your approved, earth friendly, BPA free, renewable bamboo vessel. It’s that easy.


Mostly stuff from the boys’ closet that is too small, has holes, or they won’t wear. They’ve decided that vests are out.

Just ten items today. It’s Valentine’s Day and I had to do double duty at the boys’ school. I even had to miss my ceramics class which is always a bummer. Of course they are so weird at the pottery lab these days, so completely convinced that everyone is abusing the facilities, that I was given the stink eye when I showed up for open hours. “You missed a good demo today.” As in, “This is a teaching facility and not your personal studio so you need to come to class.” Whatever lady, my kids are always my first priority.


Decrapitated dog toys.

I have a soft spot for the blue toy, beat up as it is. I won it in a silent auction while I was in the process of applying to adopt Blue. I was afraid to buy it because it would just make me sad if I didn’t get to adopt Blue. It worked out, though. I think the Lamb Chop is funny in a perverse way. It reminds me of when Casey wanted a California Condor piñata for his birthday party. It felt wrong to create an effigy of an endangered species and then club it to pieces.


Zeb is selling this on eBay. Totally old school.

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  1. I’m such a waster. Like, I am the reason why our earth will explode. It’s from me never recycling. I’ll do cardboard boxes and soda cans and beer bottles but nothing else really. I’m so bad at it. I need to make the effort but I’m just so lazy…

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