An Evening of Mindful Movement

Tabby wrote up a recap of the performances (including mine) at her Angel Organic event: An Evening of Mindful Movement at Shine. I am flattered and humbled to have performed with such a diverse group of talented people. Everyone embodied mindfulness in their physical/spiritual practices. The support and love in the room was palpable.

A sore shoulder kept me from practicing the two days prior to the performance. I had just left a very chaotic home of bickering children and my head wasn’t right. I was nervous and frazzled. I warmed up and then took a seat on the floor as I waited for my set. An acquaintance sat next to me and apropos of nothing she started rubbing my back. She had no idea that my back was hurt and that I was nervous yet she reached out to me and soothed and warmed me with her touch. It was a magical moment. Thanks be for random acts of kindness.

Stacey introduces me in this video and the actual dancing doesn’t start until 1:40. There are a million things that are wrong with this performance in my mind, but I just have to let it be. I did my best at the time and it felt wonderful.

Thank you Tabitha for giving me a place to express myself that feels safe, respectful and supportive. Thank you for having an open mind and seeing past the stereotypes.

10 thoughts on “An Evening of Mindful Movement

  1. Your aerial inverts are looking so strong, and I loved the floorwork you managed on that tiny little stage (especially that thing you do where you hook your leg, then swing around into a pike)! And such a sultry song too – loved it!:)

  2. I aboslutely love that song – the routine went so well with it. It seems like you had a really great atmosphere at the performance. I envy your ability to dance barefoot – climbing kills my foot so I chicken out and wear my trainers 🙁 Looking forward to seeing more of your videos 🙂

    • Thanks! The routine went okay but I could have used another week of practice. I hurt my shoulder three days before the show so I had to rest up. The transition from Jasmine to Superman was sloppy and I was at a bad angle to catch it. Oh well. What hurts your feet when you climb? Friction? I have a friend whose toes cramp so she *has* to wear mega heels to keep her toes flexed. I think she just loves the shoes. She’s 5’10 without them and downright scary with. I won’t pole next to her, too dangerous!

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