Viv on the Verge (1867-1916)

I am in a dark place today although I shouldn’t. I’ve reached the halfway mark of my original goal of 3,650 items and should be celebrating. Instead I am feeling a panic attack coming on. Really. Maybe it’s because the boys have been cooped up in the house all day and have gotten “creative”, or it’s because Zeb bought a stationary bike and I have to find space for it in this already crammed house which means it’s going in our bedroom which I can barely stomach, or its because he and Cato haven’t taken a single day off in weeks and we are running out of space for inventory, but whatever it is, I’m about to lose my shit.

Alana asked me why I haven’t posted any before photos from trashed rooms. She said that’s what people really want to see. But the truth is, I’m mortified. I’m really good at projecting the image of myself that I want. To post a video where I look disheveled and tired in a room that I haven’t straightened up is scary for me. But this project is about being real and vulnerable. My only hope is that it will make you like me more, or at least not less.

As you can see, the whole house is fucked right now. I took down the pillow fort in the living room, tabled the basement, and attacked the sun room. Zeb set up the tent up so the kids could have a playhouse. The put stuff in it and then they abandoned it for greener pastures, i.e. my pole room. So I took it down and got rid of a ton of stuff while I was at it.


This is stuff I hauled out of the sun room and will not be putting back.


A blanket, a vintage tote bag and a pillow. FREE.


Zeb pulled this out of the cabinet today. It’s a Cuisinart Ice-40 Duo Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker. $25


One of the most disappointing toys ever. It shoots foam discs, or least it should. This toy SUCKS!!! TRASH.


Jump ropes. Free.


1985 Vintage Playmobile Ambulance. It has most of the pieces and is totally cool. My guys aren’t organized enough to keep it all together. They sell on eBay for around $10. So it’s $10. A girl would LOVE this. There are tons of little casts and moving parts.


There is a ton of action figures and Bakugans stuffed into this bag to go to Kilimajaro with Wu. Hotwheels, too. He’s going as medical support on an expedition led by Doug Pitt (brother to Brad) who supposedly one of my followers. HI BRAD! It’s more likely that Wu is just fucking with me.


I have a whole bag of these containers. They would be good for stuffing things in a piñata. FREE.


Bag of bags.


Just random shit that is going in the trash or recycling.


I found more of the baby ponchos I made. There’s a whole for the baby’s head to poke out. These are very useful for babywearers.  $5.


More stuff that is getting trashed.


Big ole kite. New. $10.


This made a serious dent in the sun room. The best part was the kids started picking over stuff and asked if I was going to sell their stuff. I told them that I was sending some of it to very poor children in Tanzania and they would treasure the things that we hardly notice. The actually seemed okay with it.

6 thoughts on “Viv on the Verge (1867-1916)

  1. Funny that as you were going through your house with the camera I felt that this is often what my head feels like. I do some meditation, clear out a load of thoughts and half a day later its rammed again.

  2. I love decluttering! But the most important thing is to get everything physically off your premises, or it just sits around as ‘organized’ clutter. Have you read “Clearing your clutter with FengShui” by Karen Kingston? It’s amazing! She explains how clutter in any form drains our energy, and it’s very liberating 🙂

  3. Yay! Trashed room photos… and a glimpse of the basement!! Now we can really start to appreciate the work that you are doing. Your house looks loved, and full of the joy of people doing, making and celebrating their lives – with just a shade of horder. 🙂 Don’t let the anxiety get you. You have many more months of purge, release, relax ahead of you. As you post more before photos, we will be able to celebrate properly when you post after photos.

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