No Freebies (1852-1866)

A friend of mine wrote that he was happy to see the return of pole dancing pictures on my blog. I told him that I de-emphasized the pole content in order to widen my audience. He was surprised that there was anyone who didn’t like the pole pictures. What a sweetie.

I guest blogged for a friend’s website for a short period of time. He loved my writing but wouldn’t link back to me because he didn’t want to alienate his conservative readership. It was excellent feedback that I have taken to heart since I want to reach a wider audience. Because he wasn’t paying me I decided to focus my energy elsewhere, like here.

I ran into him the other night and I told him about my rebranding. He said, “That’s great! You are so much more than all that pole stuff.” Yes, I am more than pole dancing (and motherhood, and cooking, and ceramics, and writing, and any other one thing I do), but he made it sound like that “pole stuff” was a bad thing. I had half a mind to remind him about when he got W A S T E D at a party and followed me around, begging me to show him my boobs.

Hell. No.

I may not dance for money but I sure as hell ain’t giving it away for free. Herein lies a really common conflict. People (men) have a problem with pole dancing because it is sexy and therefore unacceptable … unless they are drunk, with a bunch of other guys, at a club, etc. and then they can’t get enough. Seriously guys, which one is it? Not that I really care, I pole dance because it is FUN.

There are plenty of other things I am happy to give away for free, though.


Just look at this beauty. It’s DOGS playing POOL! I think I might have to ship this off to Bobby’s office lair. It isn’t an oil on velvet, but it’s close. You know you want it.


I pulled all of this out of a window well in the basement. It was trapped between the window and a wire shelf rack. God, it’s such a disaster down there.


More yarn. FREE.


Pillowcases, all some shade of white or off-white. Standard sized and clean. FREE.


Queen sized sheets. FREE.


I got super excited when I saw a Jimmy Choo box. Nothing is impossible in this house, but alas, it was empty. TRASH.


Towels. The one on top is a standard size. The bottom one is a beach towel. FREE.

10 thoughts on “No Freebies (1852-1866)

  1. What stupid dumb f*ck convinced you to pander to a more conservative readership? Tell him to go suck an egg, especially if he isn’t paying you to write. Pole-dancing aside, neither you, nor your writing, nor your core followers, have the slightest hint of conservatism. If we wanted that, we’d read Ann Coulter’s blog. You even make cleaning your house sound saucy.

    So yeah, f*ck that guy.

    • I don’t think I’ve toned it down at all, I’m just not leading with the pole dancing. I think there are some people who would dismiss the blog if they thought it was just about pole dancing because they might not think I am a person they can relate to. But everyone can relate to junk! Also, as much as I love dancing, there isn’t enough content there to keep me writing every day. Junk cleansing on the other hand is fertile ground. I’m happy with the direction I’ve taken. I promise to post some hoochie pictures, just for you.

      • Every piece of “junk” has a tale to tell. L thinks the dogs playing pool is awesome BTW!
        You’ve seen Toy Story haven’t you?

        Our old friend Mike from San Diego once looked at a building full of my crap and dryly commented ” Just think, you paid full retail for all of this crap.”

        That comment had stuck with me when I buy anything.

  2. I like the conservative side of sexy. I think its sexier. If you have ever seen VP pole dance, its the conservative sexy side of sexy rather than the unsexy side of sexy. Its also the conservative side of not many clothes rather than the unsexy version of not many clothes. Plus her music is not trashy. Conservative can be very sexy …..when its not political and when its not just plain boring. Then its just conservative. I think that the best kind of conservative is liberal actually. Oh wait….. never mind.

    • It is impressive but right now the house feels worse than ever, perhaps because everything is churned up. 3650 will not be enough to make the kind of change I want.

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