Broken Resolution (1766-1788)

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get the fuck off Facebook. I have to say that it has been one of the best resolutions ever. Aside from spying on my nieces and nephew and having an imaginary friendship with Dirdy Birdy, my major pole-crush, I haven’t missed it one bit. My life is better without it.

However, I’ve been gaining momentum with my blogging and after months of solid writing I feel like I need to grow my readership. Not that you don’t count or anything, but I want more of you. Wu told me to “stop being such a drama queen” and open a business page already. So I did and now Tabby is scowling at her computer but just let me point out that she didn’t actually get off Facebook like we pinky swore we would.

I feel like a recovering alcoholic about to enter a boozy company party. I’m clutching my two-month chip.

After you are done saying I told you so, look to your right and be the FIRST to “like” me on Facebook, share my posts and tell your friends. Why? Because I love writing. I don’t think I’ve ever loved doing anything quite as much as I love this. My dad always told me to follow my bliss (although he stole that from Joseph Campbell) and at the time I thought that meant going to film school. Can I please have my $40,000 back, University of Colorado?

If you like what you see, help me get the word out. Thanks.

Now for the main event. More from the basement crypt:


22 items from the “crafting” portion of my basement.


We run a short-term rental business and go through towels like nobody’s business. It is frustrating that an otherwise useful towel has to be retired because someone stained it with mascara, but if we don’t people will complain that we gave them dirty linens. It’s no good. Use dark towels, you say? We’ve tried it. Benzol peroxide (the active ingredient in most acne creams) bleaches out the color and makes the towels splotchy which looks just as crappy. That said, FREE, clean towels. The little pillowcase was from Micah’s preschool. He has forgotten about it.


Yarn and cross-stitch stuff. About 15 years ago I thought I’d made beaded coasters. I don’t think I’m going to get around to it. FREE.


More shells, both purchased and gleaned from a beach in Costa Rica. Ask me nicely and I might throw in a hot glue gun. FREE.


Plastic tiger, ornaments and small table runner. FREE.


Fabric. The tie dyed fabric is actually a buba, a West African costume worn by my fellow dance company member, Sarah MacIntosh.  She lent it to me years ago for a film I made with Stan Brakhage and I tried (feably) to return it to her. It has been about 13 years and I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations is up. It’s time to stop carrying it around. FREE.

IMG_1676Glass and wooden beads. FREE.

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