Paper Hoarder (2170-2197)

I’m driving out to visit an elderly friend to help her clear out her basement. It turns out that her husband is a paper hoarder. I had no idea. Newspapers, magazines, mail, those pamphlets at hotels that advertise local attractions … he saves them all. This was a huge surprise to me because I model […]

The Best (Worst) Anxiety Dream Ever (2150-2169)

I’m going to start with the junk before I expose my innermost anxieties; mostly because this was one long-ass dream and who gives a shit, really? But for the connoisseurs of the subconscious, it has it all as far as anxiety dreams go: water, dead pets, uncomfortable sexuality, never-ending stairs that go down, lost voice, fear […]

Dip, House Fires and Practical Jokes (2116-2149)

These aren’t mine. The belong to Aimee, my newest devotee in the cult of minimalism. She asked for my mobile number because she wanted to “send me a picture.” Sexting! Yay! I’ve always wanted to see her boobies! Instead she sent me pictures of her junk. Even better. She’s gearing up for the anger/hatred that […]

Flow Chart (2103-2115)

Yesterday was a big day with my coverage in the Daily Camera. I got spoiled by having my 1000+ hits and it kind of threw me. However, my main purpose even if no one reads my blog is to get rid of stuff and gain back my life. I didn’t get rid of anything new but I […]

Gargie Award

This was a big day for me! The Boulder Daily Camera published a great article about my project in the Sunday paper and I got nominated for my very first award! Amélie of Amélie’s Bookshelf nominated me to be the recipient of the Gargie Award. I love her blog about her favorite books. She is […]

Ice Anemone (2069-2084)

I stopped for some day-olds from The Breadworks and spotted this little miracle. The spray had come off the hubcap of this car just so and made this wonderful pattern in ice. I didn’t have a camera so I left a note on the windshield to point out this beauty and ask the owner to email […]