Process of Elimination (1528-1557)

More changes to my blog! I have added the domain name

The reason is this: I had a very different focus when I started blogging. I wrote about my journey as a pole dance student and instructor, which I will continue to do. But things changed radically for me in November 2012 when I stopped teaching and focused my energies inward. I took a look at my life and asked myself what I would like to change. The answer was obvious. I need more space: in my house and in my head. That’s when I started getting rid of stuff every day, photographing and writing about the detritus.

So why bother change my domain name? Because I want my name to reflect what the blog is about. You can still follow me on or you can go to Either way, please keep reading, sharing and commenting. Knowing you are out there keeps me going.                          Thanks! — Vivienne

I really need this sculpture. Or I could walk the dog for five seconds.

Tackling that one junk drawer yesterday left me feeling all tingley and good (as Jefe would say, I had that glow) so I decided to double my pleasure and take on the next two. These were far more tricky because they were full of loose nails and one had bicycle grease all over it. Nasty.

I have a confession to make, I bought a drawer organizer. I’ve ranted about how stupid it is to buy things to put things in, but after trying out every box and container in my kitchen, I had to swallow my pride. I walked into Marshalls and I bought one. I picked out a few glass storage containers and ditched them on the way to the register because once I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t need them. They wouldn’t change my life and make things easier, they would complicate things, so I left with the one organizer.

Zeb can’t stand organizers, he thinks you can fit way more stuff into a drawer without them. Well duh. The problem is, you can’t find anything either.


Oh yes, this is a totally superior system.


The horror! Zeb was right, this system sucks. How are you supposed to cut yourself searching for something?

Zeb’s biggest problem is that he’ll need a tool to do some plumbing or electrical or a repair – which is every day in this old house – and he’ll know that he owns that tool, KNOWS IT, but he can’t find it. After a while he’ll give up and go to McGuckins to buy a new one because, “It’s faster than trying to find it.” Not only is it a waste of money and time, now we’ve got two roto-plookers or maybe even five. I’m not kidding. He’s bought a new power drill because he couldn’t find one in the mess.

Cato watched as I started the project in my robe and PJs. He said I was brave to get in there without wearing gloves. I’m hard like that.


Stuff that is leaving the house, neatly organized, natch.


Pens and beeners and stuff.


Stuff a regular human being might be interested in. Stop watches, fishing line and lead sinkers, YET ANOTHER magnetic key case and another tiny harness (can I have a ferret, please or please?) more tiny art kits. FREE.


This stuff is rather interesting. The nails are very vintage. I’m sure they’ll end up in a jar of curiosities and that’s okay. Just as long as they aren’t in my way. Is that a metal cock ring?


This is all a bunch of trash.

I’m totally sold on this process of elimination. Getting my house back into order is like losing 40 pounds. I wish I could do it quickly but it doesn’t work that way. I could lose 40 pounds in a month by extreme measures, measures that I couldn’t maintain for a lifetime and I’d probably gain the weight back in a week. Getting rid of this crap is similar in that I must change my habits to make it work and to make it stick.

I read this blog about a woman who took up running and changed her life. She shows before and after pictures (taken one year apart) that are really impressive. If she told someone that it was going to take a year to lose that kind of weight, they’d be like, “Fuck that, I’ll get my stomach stapled.” Carnie Wilson did, and look where she is today. GOING IN FOR ANOTHER ROUND OF BYPASS! Who does that?

In retrospect, to make that kind of change in what is actually a very short period of time, is amazing. It’s no time at all. I hope that my before and afters will be as dramatic.

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    • Thanks! It was either that or Cut The Crap or Decrapitation. I figured I might actually want to be taken seriously one day so why shoot myself in the foot.

  1. That is a rappel ring. You run webbing up and around some feature like a tree, rock or to gear then all threads go to the ring which equalizes the force when you rappel. Or it is what you think it is.

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