Scary Technology (1508-1527)

You may have noticed that I added a FAQ page to my menu bar along the top. I’ve wanted one of those forever but technology is sooo scary and it took me a few months to work up the nerve to figure it out. And I call myself a technocrat. I answered a few questions that I imagine my 13 followers may frequently ask, but let me know if you think of more and I’ll add them in.

I felt a cold coming on last night and feel pretty crappy today. My head is stuffed up, I’m coughing up a lung and losing my voice. The upside is that I can’t yell at my kids so I can feel morally superior for a few days. The last time this happened Scrote was really into Fox In Socks and insisted that I read it over and over again. He was just a toddler and I couldn’t reason with him. It was torture.

I never get knocked all the way out it seems. If I did, who would do the cooking/cleaning/shopping/picking-up? I wish had an excuse to laze around in bed for a few days; I just discovered 30 Rock and would love to get caught up. Careful what you wish for, right?

Today I tackled a junk drawer. Zeb cleared it out about a year ago and left a little note in it. He’s not the love note type, nor the clearing out junk drawers type, so this was a huge gesture of love. And what did I do? I squandered it, but I had help. Today I emptied it out, sorted and vacuumed the tiny seeds that exploded in it. I love you, too.

Cato said that of all the 1500 items I’ve posted, this is the most random pile of stuff he’s seen so far. Really? I’m honored, I think. I’m calling it 20 items.

IMG_1437 This is what didn’t go back in.

IMG_1448 I hate these fucking things, especially when I step on one in the middle of the night. It feels like something dead. Micah loves them, I’m tossing it anyway.

IMG_1447 My kids will have to buy their own Goth make-up. FREE.

IMG_1446 There is still film in here. Part of me is curious, but not curious enough to spend the money to have it developed. It might be ruined anyway. Too bad I don’t have a friend who works at a photo finisher anymore. He used to print doubles of home-made porn and show it to me whenever he came over. That was totally awesome, especially when I recognized someone. That’s solid gold, baby.

IMG_1445Speaking of solid gold, Zeb told the boys this was a solid gold medallion. TRASH.

IMG_1444 GUACSTRONG from the 2010 Guac-off. Yah, those rubber bracelets aren’t so cool anymore. TRASH.

IMG_1443 You want them? They’re yours. FREE.

IMG_1442 Small harnesses. There is no way Frank will wear a collar. He manages to get out of them within days so we gave up collaring him. The collars are FREE. So is the cat.

IMG_1441 Mrs. Potato Head Earring. Random, right? TRASH.

IMG_1440Ain’t no one got a grip like a pole dancer. FREE.

IMG_1439A magnetic key keeper. The only problem is that there is no metal on cars these days so FREE.

IMG_1436After. Why can’t it always be this way?

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