Superman (1451-1461)

I was bumming out because yesterday I asked Zeb to take a picture of me holding the nasty dredlock and I looked really old. As in ugly old.

As in, when I looked at the picture I wasn’t all, “Dear God! Look at that nasty two foot-long dred!”

I was like, “Jesus Christ, I’d rather wake up and look at that dred than my face!”

Rock. Bottom.

So I took a picture of Zeb holding the lock instead. I’d rather look at his face anyway.

My back has been killing me and I’ve refrained from pole dancing to give it time to recover. I have a performance coming up in a couple weeks and I’m freaking out over having time to rehearse properly. This leads to a less than rosy self-image. I hiked up my booty shorts and hoofed down to Longmont’s Vertical Fusion to take a mixed levels class, hoping it would help. It did.

Image 1

Much better than my picture with the dred. My hips need to come down but I’m pretty stoked.

I always include a new move in my performance routines because it motivates me to practice until I’ve nailed it. This routine features an aerial inversion – Chopper – Outside Leg Hang – Jasmine – Superman combo, all particularly tough moves (for me), especially that in-between part where I get caught on Jasmine and have to ratchet into the Superman. It’s ugly and painful. If you don’t know this move, this won’t make any sense, but anyone who pole dances can probably relate to how difficult it is to make a smooth transition.

Melanie gave me a crucial tip (crunch the top knee towards my chest) and I was able to execute the flip while the other ladies cheered me on. Aside from being elated that I got the Superman (finally) I felt happy to move again and left with a decidedly healthier body image. Thanks Melanie!

I haven’t been home at all today so I’m going to purge ten files from my drawer and call it a day.

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  1. I’m so darn happy for you! And your superman (aka superflygirl) is beautiful! Can’t wait to teach you how to shoulder mount from it. 🙂

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