I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (1376-1393)


Would it kill me to chill the fuck out?

I’ve wondered if this breakneck pace of purging might sabotage the overall effort. Getting rid of stuff every day, and blogging every day, could be a recipe for burn-out. I feel like that crazy exercise/eating disorder person at the gym that everyone feels sorry for (okay, me) who worries that if she doesn’t work out for one day, she’ll get fat. Now I worry that if I take a day off from purging/blogging, I’ll completely fall out of the habit and my closets will fill up with stupid shit over night. I should consider taking a day off, maybe Sunday, though not to get all biblical and stuff.

I don’t know. It just feels so good to get rid of stuff.


I cleared out a game shelf so I could make room for the tools that I am going to clear out of the junk drawer.


I pity the fool. FREE.


I mean it. No more torn jeans for the boys. Here’s a bag of bags (kill me now) and instructions for a Lego kit that has been scattered to the four winds.


I need to let this bottle cap basket go. $10. And the bottle (recycle).


These shell necklaces would be so great for a luau or a Tiki party. I’m gonna have to live with knowing that I may not have them in the event that should happen, which is probably never. FREE.


A ballbearing noise maker (like I need any more noise in my house) a Scrabble Jr. game (relax Zeb, we have another one, not like the boys play with it) and a stupid lunch box. FREE.


Jumbo puzzles. Great for little kids. FREE.


100-piece puzzles. FREE.


I can totally see myself having the kind of spare time when I’ll sit around and do a 500 piece puzzle. She said never. FREE.

7 thoughts on “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (1376-1393)

  1. So you don’t know me but I am your #13 follower. I check CNN, Daily Camera (not sure why really) and your blog. In fact, I am completely disapointed if you dont have a new posting up…and excited when you do. So, I am sorry but you are just going to have to burn yourself out because I am enjoying your writing too much. You even inspired me to get a scanner…a wand one for me as I am too cheap. So you are entertaining and inspiring total strangers. Oh, and I looked at those two blogs you mentioned and they didn’t do it for me….yours is much better. And with that said, my kids would live the floor puzzles and 100 peice ones if they are still up for grabs. Keep writing….and purging!

  2. I love your purging and writing about purging, and wrong post but I’m lazy…your pole is super cool. I’d love to freak out my neighbors with a pole they could see through my front window.

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