Dog Massage

Blue brings out interesting responses in people. Great Danes tend to garner lots of attention, but it’s getting ridiculous. Yesterday we passed a woman who was really into him and I was like, “You can have him. I’ll even throw in a bag of dog food.” She asked me if she could give him a massage and I was all, “Huh?” She explained that she is a massage therapist for people but she feels that she could really help him with his issues if she could just massage him.


My sons’ principal once called him “The Brad Pitt of the playground.” I wonder if Brad Pitt has women offering to give him a massage? Yes. Definitely, yes.

Blue is doing great. He gets an hour-long hike every day and plenty rubs and pets and belly scratches; he couldn’t be more loved. Zeb loves to goo-goo-ga-ga over him while he’s brushing is teeth or cleaning his snout with a warm washcloth. He sleeps on a Princess-and-the-Pea get-up of doubled-up down featherbed, dog bed, and fuzzy blue blanket in front of the fire. That is, when he’s not sleeping on Testiclese’s Sealy Posturepedic bed. He has come so far since we rescued him in April. He’s putting on weight, is much more relaxed, and even starting to conquer his fear of the floor. He’s still quirky and does that funny thing with his paw, but he’s like a new dog.

Zeb was afraid Blue might be cold so he loaded him up with North Face down jackets.

Zeb was afraid Blue might be cold so he loaded him up with North Face down jackets.

Now my back, on the other hand, is killing me. My back pain has graduated from feeling vaguely skeletal to full-blown nervy so I’m getting a massage today, but not from the lady on the trail. Isn’t that nice, you think?

My massage therapist is a sadist so I’m not exactly looking forward to being pampered (I hate that word) but I am hoping for some relief. I don’t think they do relaxing massages in Boulder. We’re very sports massage oriented around here. If I’m not gripping the table in agony, you aren’t going deep enough. Right. That’s what she said.

I also need some time to do some cleanup around my office. Isn’t that what you’ve been doing? You ask. Well, yes, but all this churning up and processing of stuff isn’t without consequence. I’ve let some stuff linger in hopes that someone would claim it, I’ve got a mountain of recycling, and a basket of stuff I need to post on eBay. In short, this project is a lot of work.

It’s worth it. I haven’t felt like I’ve had such purpose in a really long time. I’m not even that interested in getting coffee or lunch with friends, I have too much I want to accomplish. Before this I felt like I was rattling around. I have always been “busy” but I spent a lot of time fucking around on Facebook or looking for ways to entertain myself (i.e. getting in trouble). These days I wish I had two more hours a day to devote to my project and writing. It is a good feeling.

Hopefully by the end of the day my office will be clear and my back will be on the mend.

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  1. A friend of a friend of mine used to be a massage therapist- I mean, used to be a HUMAN massage therapist. He went to a canine massage school in Longmont recently-ish & then moved back up to Steamboat Springs (where he had been doing human massages) to be a dog masseuse. Apparently it’s good money!?

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