Back to School (Items 1067-1087)

Today is a Viv day. I’m starting a ceramics session and taking two pole classes tonight. With the holidays and travel, I’m been way out of my ordinary, awesome routine. I’m psyched to get going so I’ll cut to the chase.



Casey was into Skymall when he was little so I cut out his favorite images and laminated them so … why … I don’t know.IMG_1138 These are nifty. Little “sewing” projects for kids. I’m giving them to a friend to entertain her daughter at restaurants with them.


I was once the Boulder Diaper Free Baby (i.e. Elimination Communication) mentor. This is a file of coupons and pamphlets. RECYCLE.


Cables and driver discs. TRASH.

IMG_1151 This was a huge disappointment. It’s an MP3 player I got for Casey when he was a toddler, so he could listen to music. Only if you dragged your music into it wrong just once, you forever screw up the rudimentary programming. I should have returned it. FREE.

IMG_1150 Did you know that people with white headsets are being targeted for muggings because it indicates they are using an Apple product? No lie. And these earbuds fall out of my head. And a tiny dolphin snowglobe. FREE.

IMG_1149 I hate the way this stuff feels on my skin and the Environmental Working Group gives it a dismal score of 7 (1 being excellent, 10 being the worst). It contains oxybenzone, a known hormone disruptor. TRASH.

IMG_1148 A Pla-doh squisher, a very short shoelace, a neck lanyard that once held a flash-drive which I have since removed, and some lanyard making string. FREE.

IMG_1147 Die cutters so you can have flower, heart, moon and leaf shaped poopies all over your house. FREE.IMG_1146Two packs of crayons and some random beads and plastic twine.

IMG_1145 More connectors and earbuds. FREE.

IMG_1144 A handsfree headset you can plug into a standard mini-jack so you can look like you work at a call center. FREE.IMG_1143 Noise canceling headsets I bought so I could work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Their piped music is loud and obnoxious. Who wants to hear the disco version of the Star Wars theme? I kid thee not. FREE.

IMG_1142 Fuzee bead craft project. TRASH.

IMG_1141 Another dreaded magazine box. FREE.

IMG_1140What is it with notebooks. Does anyone use them? FREE.

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