Dreams, Ceramics, Elk (Items 1051-1066)

I had some great dreams last night. In one I was bonding heavily with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This is residual LA wish-fulfillment fodder. In the other, Lonny’s “sacrifice zone” (aka eBay room) was cleared out to the point where I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to reappropriate that room as my office and “happy space”. I’m daring to dream.

All this put me in a good space this morning, I even dressed nicely. I’m not up to my usual standards but it’s winter and I don’t have anything to prove. Apparently my current metal state has my friend Greg concerned. I sent him this link about two dickhead Boulder police officers that went hunting in my neighborhood. A beloved 6 point elk that has been hanging out in the area for the last four years and residents named him Big Boy. We have an anti-trophy hunting law (because of a gorgeous elk named Samson that was shot in Estes Park) but the officers decided that because this elk was limping (a questionable assertion under review) and had a broken antler (oh my God, the suffering!) they shot him in cold blood euthanized him. Then they took the next day off “sick” to process the meat. Really? Hunting IN A RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD?

I sent Greg the link to the story and closed with, “On that note, Blue is limping and has a broken toenail. I’ve got to put him down.” AND HE BELIEVED ME! Clearly he skimmed the article. But that was a wake-up call. Are my posts really that morose? Thank God no one (but Greg) reads them.

I took Blue to the vet, though, but not to be euthanized. Dr. Fuller was prepared to do the exam in the parking lot since big dummy is afraid of the floor. Blue was so brave; he worked up the nerve to explore the waiting room. This is good news because not being able to take him to the vet is a big problem. I got meds to treat his case of bacterial poopsplosionitis (Lonny wanted to “wait and see if it resolved itself without meds” but I vetoed the cracksmoker and shoved the first dose down Blue’s throat lickety-spit) AND I got to see my vet and his assistant after an almost seven year hiatus.

They were so kind to me after our house fire. I lost one cat (Lola) to smoke inhalation but they brought the crusty, mean old Aunt Yuki back to life. She was the meanest cat around, especially if you were a vet, yet his assistant housed her for a month while I searched for a more long-term temporary home for her. Seeing these nice people really made me happy. That, and spending the morning with Lonny, made me feel like myself again.


These came out of the kiln, the platter is up for grabs.


Major heartbreaker. I love this casserole but the glaze ran. I need to grind off the excess so I can use it, although it will never be perfect.


More mugs. These are almost right but the handles are a little tight. They work for my fingers but wouldn’t for Lonny. I love the shape, though. I’ll take a hand-built porcelain mug over a wheel-thrown one any day.


Stuff to get rid of.

IMG_1114I made the tiny stacking pots (but I have another version I prefer) and the platter. The platter didn’t turn out to my satisfaction. I want it to have a handmade feel but this one is plain amateurish and sucky. FREE.

IMG_1113 To balance out the mugs I brought in, these are going. FYI, just because I have chickens and like chickens doesn’t mean I want chicken-themed stuff. DONATE.

IMG_1112 A bookmark (never around when I need it) and a peyote stitched pencil cover. A lot of effort went into making the beaded cover, I would know, but I don’t need it and no one I know made it.

IMG_1111Fish rattle Casey made. You can’t tell but the tail broke off. I took a picture and am releasing it into the wild. Casey just started another pottery class so there’s more where this one came from.

IMG_1109Remnants of an art project the boys did at a friend’s house. Who knew that pipe cleaners, googely eyes could be so fun? They’ve forgotten about them so I’m getting them out of here.

IMG_1107 Stuff from a junk drawer.

IMG_1106“This bag is not a toy” Well, neither is the squirt gun inside that doesn’t work. TRASH.

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