Project3650: Items 1018-1032

Today is the last day of winter break, the final big push. It has been a little hard getting back into the habit of getting rid of stuff and blogging, what with being out of town at all. It just goes to show how important it is to stick with something you wish to ingrain as a habit.

I checked out the Denver Botanic Gardens with a friend and her son today. It’s my idea of the perfect kid activity. It was a gorgeous day, we were outside the whole time, the kids got to run around like maniacs. Being a Monday, no one else was there to give us crusties except for this girl who looked to be about ten years-old and had a major stick up her butt. Apparently she didn’t appreciate it that the boys were running around in a field that was CLEARLY MARKED OFF LIMITS. Whatev.


Enjoying the Botanic Gardens. They said their heads were hot.

I got my friend up-to-speed on the LA adventure and we started talking about what’s next. We fantasized about Hawaii and Mexico and Arizona for Spring Break and she suggested going during an off time for better airfare and hotel. I was all, “Are you insane? Our kids are hardly ever in school, why would I voluntarily take them out of school?” She quickly saw the wisdom in my thinking.

Incase you are wondering why I am foaming at the mouth about this, let me explain. It is Monday. The Monday after a three-week vacation which came within a month of a one-week (Thanksgiving) vacation. Our kids aren’t in school because the Boulder Valley School District, in its’ infinite wisdom, believes that right after a big break is the BEST TIME TO GIVE THE KIDS ANOTHER DAY OFF. There isn’t a three-day weekend that they don’t turn into a four-day weekend to schedule a teacher’s enrichment day. I understand that this is important, but why not have the “vacation” end on a Thursday and take the work day (i.e. no school) on a Friday and release me from my servitude already?!

Shit. Here’s my stuff.

IMG_1075Kid’s pants with a tear in the knee (I feel guilty about getting rid of them because I should mend them, but I never do) sheets with tear in them (again, I should make something interesting out it but get real), junk in my top right desk drawer, etc.

IMG_1077 I loved these moon boots the second I saw them. I swiped them from Lonny’s sell pile and pranced around the house in them for a day. Like two ships that pass in the night, I’m relinquishing them to some dumb-ass who in Germany who wants to pay a fortune for them, or so I hope.

IMG_1082 Magnetos are Mag-not. I think they are cool but the boys have serious problems with keeping their toys together and they get mixed in with the Legos which really freaks me out. I also worry about my friends with smaller children getting anywhere near the magnetic balls. FREE.

IMG_1081 Stupid shit from my desk. I’m counting it as five items. While-You-Were-Out pad? Seriously?

IMG_1079 There are 9.5 Women’s Nikes and are too big for me. Selling.

IMG_1078Dansko clogs, too small for me. Size 8.5. New.

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