Project3650: Images 1007-1017 (and Poopsplotion Part 2)

poop freeze-thumb

Blue is the kind of dog that expresses anxiety through his bowels. When we first got him he was pooping up to ten times a day. Since then he’s been a perfectly house-trained dog; and then we went out of town. He was fine while we were gone but got overly psyched to see me when I returned home. In fact, I haven’t seen him like that since I first got him and he’d dissolve into a quivering, leaning mass of ecstatic dog. He got so excited that he gave himself diarrhea.

Last night he had a poopsplotion (not in Micah’s bed, thank God) so I’m not feeling caught up on sleep or my house. I’m feeling pretty down, as a matter of a fact. I’ve been dwelling on things I can’t change and feel 40 pounds heavier. Being out of sorts from traveling and the double-whammy of holiday eating and road food does that to me. The cumulative effect of the holidays and a three-week “vacation” from school has stripped me of the will to live. I could wallow in my woe-is-me or I can get rid of some stuff. Today is a baby-steps kind of day.

IMG_1051I can always find something to toss by looking in the kids’ room.

I wish my boys were into puzzles, but they aren’t. FREE.

IMG_1054A decrapitated dog toy. Blue won’t rest until that squeaker has been found and destroyed. He got a new one for Christmas and was more psyched than anyone else was about his present. Next year everyone gets a squeaky toy and I better see some prancing.

IMG_1055Outgrown. Free.

IMG_1056 I can’t find the other pieces to this wooden puzzle. The most mystifying part is that I can’t get the eyeball to fit. It almost fits, and last I checked owls only have two eyes, so WTF?

IMG_1057 A piece to a magic set I got rid of, dumb marbles.

IMG_1058A maddening toy. This would be the BEST TOY EVER if it actually worked. It shoots foam discs that don’t ding or knock anything over or hurt when they hit you in the eye. The only problem is that it jams constantly and is unbelievably frustrating. Why aren’t toys made to last? Why are toys that last NOT EVEN AVAILABLE? If you had two versions of this gadget side by side at a store and the crappity one was $5 and the one that is guaranteed to work is $15, I would gladly pay the $15. It’s an easy decision to make. Three $5 hunks of junk that I’ll probably forget to take the fresh batteries out of before it takes space in a landfill for centuries, or one $15, made-in-the-USA, non-lead containing toy that will work AS ADVERTISED and won’t require an adult to take it apart every two minutes.

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