Happy New Year!

It’s the new year and there is nothing I would rather do than kick a great big bag of junk to the curb, but alas, I am in LA.

Our friends threw a party and almost everyone who came had kids. Of course the kids outlasted me. I fell asleep on the couch trying to figure out why Jenny McCarthy’s face looked so weird. Perhaps those years with Jim Carrey rubbed off on her, to her great misfortune.


I couldn’t bring myself to drink last night. After a recent office party debacle and the still pulsating memory of last New Year’s near-poisoning, I stuck with the Martinelli’s. Good choice for the day after, major party-pooper for last night.


Exhibit A from last year. If this looks like a bad idea, you should see the outfit I wore.

The brightest moment (aside from great conversation about Gooey Duck) was a flashback on Dick Clark’s R.I.P. Rockin’ New Year to ABBA performing S.O.S. in the most spectacular outfits ever.

I went to provision for the party and ended up at Cost Plus World Market looking for champagne flutes. That place is the devil when it comes to accumulating useless junk. I have to admit that I was a little tempted by the cereal bowls that stood on elephant legs (30% off!) but it was the Waddling Penguin Pooper that would have been my downfall. How far I’ve come! Like that ex-boyfriend I was really hung up on who showed up on my doorstep years later, I had to wonder what the allure was.


Collect Them All!

What’s my New Year’s Resolution? Continue blogging, keep getting rid of stuff, stay off Facebook, jettison relationships that drain me (except my dog and kids, they drain me but I love them), foster friendships that feed my soul and pay off my credit card once-and-for-all. And smooch Lonny more.

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