Taking A Break


With a day to pack and ready the house, I and the boys hit the road to go to LA with stops in Grand Junction and Salt Lake City. It felt like high-time for a vacation. Prepping the house for our absence is a big job, especially since James and a friend’s sister will be staying there to entertain Blue.

My purging project has made this a little easier, there is less debris to contend with, but I still feel anxious about having someone in my space without me there to act as a human Roomba that constantly tidies up errant junk. I realize that anyone who reads this must think I live in house straight out of Hoarders. With the exception of Lonny’s eBay space and his desk, this isn’t exactly the case. Our house is quite nice until you start digging around the corners. I’m more like a closet alcoholic, I hide it well.

Being out of town isn’t so bad, but getting out of town is a bitch. Lonny and I burned the candle at both ends getting things ready. I changed sheets, emptied the fridge of perishables, arranged for housekeeping for my vacation rentals, made sure the boys had lots of stories loaded onto their MP3 players, packed for everyone, etc. Meanwhile Lonny trained James to do shipping so his business could run in his absence. I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have James around.

Lonny and I were both on the verge of collapse by the time we left. He woke up with a splitting headache and no voice. I always get tense when it is time to leave. I don’t know why, but even the smallest delay irritates me beyond reason. I suppose it is because I work hard to ensure certain departure time anything that gets in the way makes me feel like a failure. But this is a road trip not a space shuttle launch, 30 minutes doesn’t matter, not really.

We loaded into the car and hit the road. I had lofty plans to immediately start working on my computer, organizing and putting photos into albums, but all I felt like doing was nothing. I decided to go with it. Micah fell asleep for the majority of the four hour drive and Casey was completely absorbed in his audio book. It was only until we were about 30 minutes of of Grand Junction that I let the boys try out a new game I put on the Kindle just for the trip.

Let the fighting begin.

There was so much bickering over whose turn it was, who was cheating, how the game was too hard (Gooey World, and it is hard), that I wondered why I brought it out at all. We’re sticking to audio books and looking out the window.

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