Project 3650: Items 999-1006

I broke 1000 items today and it hasn’t been a month yet! If I keep purging at this rate I will have to think of a new name or cut my project short. I think there is value to doing something for an entire year, as far as retraining one’s brain is concerned. I’m kicking around a few new names, DECRAPITATION being at the top.

I only did seven items today but it was all I could muster the energy for. Today is one of those days where everything is hard. The kids are bouncing off the walls because it’s cold and the dog hasn’t gone for a proper walk. There is a mountain of laundry and both my vacation rentals need cleaning. Lonny is buried with shipping and is training James on some new tasks. AND the books I downloaded from don’t work on the MP3 players I have for the boys. I’m just now realizing that if you don’t have an Apple product, it is catch-as-catch-can when it comes to loading content onto a player. This irritates the crap out of me.

The boys love listening to books on tape. On our last cross-country road trip, Casey gladly listened to Eragon for 30 hours. They both get a little carsick so audio files are the best option for entertainment in the car. There is NO WAY I’m buying a $100+ iPod for the boys, 1) because they’ll lose it and 2) because with an iPod you start down the slippery road to addictive gaming. The shuffle is less but there isn’t a menu on them which makes them difficult to navigate. I picked up a $20 MP3 player that seemed to fit the bill EXCEPT I CAN’T PUT ANYTHING ON IT. I’m having a bad day.

Here are my meager offerings:

IMG_0637 A little something off a box I threw out (not counting it). These are my most dreaded words.

IMG_0638 Lonny can’t seem to throw out a used sponge. This is from under one sink folks.

IMG_0640 Throwing out the heaband, not the kid. I think I already photographed and counted it but Micah fished it out of the trash. I’m throwing it out for real this time.

IMG_0641 Christmas crap.

IMG_0642Another one of those nasty squishy lizards.

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