Project 3650: Items 904-941

This under-sink purging was done while naked and wet! I ventured there after showering because I needed a Q-tip. The horror. Why put off until I’ve gotten dressed what I could do in the buff?

IMG_0460 There is plenty of stuff still under the sink, incase you were wondering.

IMG_0469 A microfiber turban, a lariat I made out of glass beads (needs a small repair) a couple combs and a mysterious package. FREE.


I think I enjoy the process of making covers and cases for things more than I enjoy the actual thing. I once covered a small shelf in canvas. I made the book cover on the left. On the right is a toiletry kit, not made by me.

IMG_0471Can you see why I have an affinity for the toiletry kit? It was made by a kindred spirit. FREE.

IMG_0468 All recyling.


Sanitary pads on the left, tooth floss, picks and travel toothpaste and brushes on the left. I’m donating this to the homeless shelter.

IMG_0466 Does anyone actually play Mini Frisbee Golf? Is it even possible? I think the thing on the right is some kind of holster for a toothbrush.

IMG_0465 Expired drops and vitamins.

IMG_0464 Broken jewelry bits. FREE.

IMG_0463Extra contact lens cases and used toothbrushes. Lonny likes to keep a few around for scrubbing crevices but really, does he need more than one?
IMG_0462 Travel kits. Teeth bleaching kits that are over ten years old (and partially used) and syringes. I had a tough time nursing Casey in the beginning. For the first few weeks of his life I had to feed him with a syringe so I hoarded them whenever I visited the doctor. We finally got the hang of breast feeding, and now Casey’s seven, so I guess I can get rid of these.


Another picture to be used against me at my commitment hearing.

Now it’s time to open presents with the kids. It’s been a lovely holiday since I have felt zero pressure to purchase gifts. Everyone around me knows about my project so no one is giving me anything which makes me happier than you can imagine. No thank you cards to write, no pressure around reciprocation, no guilt if I didn’t get them something equally nice. I feel so light and free.

In some ways it has been a low-stress holiday where the focus is on my family rather than purchasing, wrapping and worrying about the money I shouldn’t have spent. Happy holidays everyone, may you receive love and friendship in abundance!

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