Project 3650: Items 872-903

It’s two days before Christmas and my mother-in-law is seriously disturbed by the fact that the boys run around inside with bare feet. They have socks and slippers galore, they just don’t wear them because THEY AREN’T COLD! But Anita is having a major panic attack over it and has been hounding me to take her to the store to stock up on more Christmas presents. Shopping at Marshall’s two days before Christmas? Are you insane, woman? I passed this one off to Lonny, she is his mother after all. I sent the kids along for good measure. He’s gonna suffer today so he may as well go big.

Me? I got both boys their own Sonicare toothbrushes. We’ve been using the same one for years now, just switching out the heads. It’s a pricy gift to be sure and a useful one. For those of you who think that is a Grinchy thing to do, I’ll have you know that Micah already opened his and he is totally psyched about it. He thanked me over and over and he gave me a kiss full on the lips.

I let go of some great stuff today. The most important thing is my gym membership which costed me around $90 a month. I think I’ll put $90 in my travel account each month instead.

Rallysport saved my life after I had kids. Since I was trapped staying at home with two very small children, it often represented my only respite from confines of my home. They have an amazing daycare with the kindest people working there. One woman in particular, a German/Italian woman named Paula, inspired such confidence that I felt fairly certain that they were in better hands with her than with me. I went every day to work out, take a shower without someone crying on the other side of the door, and eat a quick lunch. Rallysport was the best investment I could have ever made as a new mother.

Now that my kids are older and in school and have a new personal trainer (his name is Blue and he will make my life hell he doesn’t get an hour long hike every day), I have found myself enjoying sleeping until 7a.m., which means going to bed a reasonable hour rather than the 8 o’clock lights-out necessary to wake up at 5a.m. I am always loathe to go to the gym during light hours and have hardly been there in the last two months. I used to be there six to seven days a week. Walking around the reservoir with my dog and a friend (either in-person or on a nice, long phone call), in the sunlight with the fresh air, you just can’t beat it. Between my pole dancing, the daily hiking and working out on my pole at home, I don’t need the gym anymore, but I sure do have some great memories.

Contents of my locker.

Contents of my locker.

I cleaned out my locker and these are the items that must go. I always kept a set of emergency work-out clothes there plus some Shimano size 9.5 biking shoes for the one time I too spin. God. I hate spinning. It’s like time stands still. The shoes are up for grabs for $20, used once.


This bag has been in my closet since May of this year. It was brimming with every piece of art Micah made at his pre-school. It was the most wonderful school in the world and they sent him off with a bag of letters written to him by other children, photographs, a yearbook and a CD. I shudder to think of the amount of work that went into compiling a bag like this for each and every child. I emptied the bag out and scanned/photographed all the mementos. IMG_0450I’ll stick this on the wall until something more current replaces it.


A bag of coins. It’s coming with me the next time I go to the grocery store.

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  1. Do you know Rachel at Rallysport? I used to nanny for her daughter:) And that place is as amazing, especially with the outdoor pool during summer. I have a feeling I’ll become a member there myself when the day comes and I have kids.

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