What Lonny Really Needs Are More Bowls That Don’t Stack

Hand-built vessels.

Hand-built vessels.

I’ve been picking the worst possible times to photograph, usually when the light is low, but this a sampling from the most recent kiln firing. The pieces in the back are porcelain with a Dinnerset glaze. One is a large pasta dish and the others are more of my plates. These seem to break easily so I like keeping a few extra around.


These bowls are extruded cone-10 earthenware in a white Dinnerset glaze. I was feeling uninspired the day I made them and these were part of a demo that my instructor was doing on the joys of extrusion. She had a nifty die that squirted out curved pieces that could be made into bowls. They totally set me on fire.



I can carve a decent foot into bowls but I prefer ones without feet, they are more tactile. I love the way they warm my hands.


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