Project 3650: Items 822-855 SCAN-O-RAMA


This picture doesn’t do my desk justice. I had no idea what was in most of these files.

Christmas came early today when my Fujitsu Scansnap S1500M Series scanner arrived. My cohort in purging, Jason Ipson, posted a product review on his blog and proceeded to ply me with a hardsell. He promised me it would change my life and I should check out Evernote while I’m at it. The jury is out on Evernote. The interface is easy, I love how you can organize stuff, but I hate how you can’t crop or rotate and I have a feeling that, like my giant dog, it is going to turn into a monster I have to keep feeding year after year. They’ve got all my precious memories hostage so what am I going to do? Stop paying the subscription fee even after they jack it up 50% in one year? I’ve seen it happen before. Like with any good pusher, the first bag is free.

He was right about ScanSnap, though. I FUCKING LOVE IT. It is compact, fast and easy to use. I love the straight pass-through and how easy it is to clear a jam. Given that Lonny just fished a pack of Q-tips out of my printer, this is important. My goal is to scan and recycle most of my files and move into a paperless environment. I could bang out my entire 3650 project just doing that, but in the name of being a good sport, I’m going to only count folders.

Getting it set up was a beast. Unboxing it and plugging it in was no problem, and installing the software would have been easy, too, but I think my kids shoved something in my slot loading CD/DVD drive and the installation disc got trapped. No biggie, I’ll just download the driver on-line … except it isn’t available on-line, only the updates are. WTF? I made a panicked call to my Pole Twin Stacey who used to be a Mac Genius and she said she’d come over this evening to fix it. BUT THAT’S, LIKE, IN EIGHT HOURS!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!! So I got on the phone with Fujistu and explained the situation. After tech-support stopped laughing at me, they emailed me the driver and I was set to go. My desk looked like a bomb hit it, but now, after a mere 2 hours of scanning – it was a little slow getting started as I figured out how to import, tag, organize, etc. – it looks like the desk of my dreams.




All stuff from on top of my desk.

IMG_0395 I made these plant markers in an early pottery class. I am no good at using rubber stamps,  I always end up stamping the letters upside down. I have even more of these if you want them. FREE.

IMG_0394 Aerobics music my instructor gave me. I put it all on my computer but still have the discs. FREE.

IMG_0392 These are extension rods for scrapbooks. I haven’t used a scrapbook since 2006 when I discovered iPhoto albums. Yet these extra rods have been sitting on my desk. I’ve moved this tin three times.

IMG_0391Decorative files. Amy Hayes gave these to me because, “They aren’t my thing.” I used them they sat on my desk for five years holding papers I didn’t need. Now that I am scanning everything, I am getting rid of them. I labeled them with stickers that can be peeled off to reveal a perfect surface. FREE.
IMG_0390There is a pot lid organizer shown in the back, I used it to organize files on my desktop. FREE.

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