Project 3650: Items 667-793 This Is F*cking Awesome

I just tapped into the best resource ever – local moms! I posted my blog on their Yahoo group and now I’m getting requests pouring in for my free (or cheap) goodies. This is so awesome.

Or to quote the Macklemore song Thrift Shop, This is fucking awesome!

Aside from this song being totally dope (I can’t wait to choreograph a dance to it) I LOVE the sentiment. Most popular music celebrates conspicuous consumption. Thrift Shop is breath of fresh air because it points out how stupid it is to spend $50 on a t-shirt. Rock on Macklemore.

Since I’m no longer Facebooking (or as my friend called it “Face-fucking” hahahahaha) and being totally psyched about getting rid of stuff, I have been incredibly productive and haven’t had the urge to shop or mess around on the internet. I feel young again.


I’ve been working ahead of myself to make up for missed days of productivity through the holidays. I found this problematic because I have to store the stuff until I post the blog. Now I’m about current and will stay that way. I’ll be going on hiatus soon but stay tuned for new items in the new year.

IMG_0179I made this poncho to wear over Micah during the winter, I gave it to a woman who just had a baby yesterday!
IMG_0178 A completely migraine inducing two-level wooden puzzle showing the developmental stages of the butterfly. Can’t see it through the plastic wrap? Too bad. There is no way this baby is coming out. Perfect for homeschoolers or Montessori or Waldorf or anyone who has more patience than me.


Little pieces of a broken bracelet that has little flowers encased in resin. A shell pendant I got from Bangkok. I gave this stuff to a friend who makes found art jewelry.

IMG_0175 I tried to get into yoga. I tried for 20 years. I prefer pole dancing.

IMG_0174 A used travel toothbrush, a Costa Rica patch and a broken booklight we got at a sale from the estate of a man who believed in the Mayan Calendar end of days. He would have been so disappointed. 1) The world didn’t end yesterday 2) His booklight would have been of no use to him. His estate sale was amazing, talk about survival rations! Apparently he wasn’t going to endure the apocalypse without truffle oil.


My high school graduation tassel (I’ll save you the effort, I’m 41) and random jewelry: a beaded choker I made 20 years ago, my favorite bracelet from high school (not silver) a pokey bracelet and various pendants. I never worked at McDonalds. I must have thought I was ironic.
IMG_0172 A candle (unused) and a really lovely enamel hair clip my former sister-in-law gave me from Spain. I used to have very long hair and tons of it. I still have lots of hair but it isn’t long enough for this clip. FREE.


Random stuff that goes in the trash. I said I’d picture it all. Petrified Tums? You got it. I have no idea who the kid is.

IMG_0169 A lovely teak pencil box I got in Thailand when I was 13. I have dragged it all over the place and now it’s time to go. FREE.

IMG_0168 Bottle and tins (I put them in Ann’s box).

IMG_0167Lauren always had a new craft in the works. One year she showed me how to sandblast images into bottles. I made these in my 20’s. They are perfect for oils. FREE.

IMG_0165 I am conflicted about these. I bought them for my kids to use but I don’t really want them on my computer, or any computer for that matter. I am trying to keep my kids unplugged as long as possible. FREE.

IMG_0164 Infant Aquatics medium neoprene suit. Like new. $20.


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