Illegal Dog-Fighting Ring Uncovered!!!

My money is on the small, black one.

This might be one of the reasons why Blue doesn’t play well with others. He’s used to running over Pugs and Werm and they just tell him off. He likes it and they don’t seem to mind, aside from the snarling and yapping. Given how excited they are when I pull up, I think they have a certain affection for big lug. When he tries that nonsense on a stranger dog, both the dog and owner freak out, which is why I keep him on a leash except when walking with Tabby and her mongrels.

It was such a gorgeous day, supposedly our last day on earth. Spending it outside, watching eagles hunt and the dogs frolicking … well, it seems okay to me.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Dog-Fighting Ring Uncovered!!!

  1. just watched this! pugs heard himself barking on film….. and started barking- at himself barking- stoopid dawg!

    Love our walks, we are so blessed to have the land, and each other…..oh, and the dogs…

  2. I watched the video and my dogs got all panicked at hearing other dogs bark as well. Poor Roxy tries to play with little dogs that same way.. we always walk by ourselves because she scares the other dogs (but mostly the owners) by just being playful!

    • It’s a tough one because if they ask “Is your dog friendly?” the answer is yes, he is. The problem is that he’s huge and more than likely their dog will make a horrible sound when he runs over them and it will sound like they are being killed.

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