Project 3650: Items 649-666 NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!!

Is that a femur? Why yes, it is.


A femur and Castle Logic


Today’s haul.

This is a good one! It’s more stuff from another cabinet in my office. I did one the other day and now I’m hitting this one. FYI, I have five total. There is one that I am particularly scared of so I’m waiting until I’ve got a little courage up before I deal with it. The most interesting thing in this cabinet (except for the femur) is a really cool skirt I gave up on. It’s made entirely out of a vintage Harris Tweed coat that had moth holes and couldn’t be sold. I purchased the zipper and bias tape, but the rest is salvaged. It became obvious just after I put the zipper in that it wasn’t going to fit. My friend Amy fell in love with it and it fit her so I said I’d finish it and give it to her. That was last year. Today I’m going to finish it and give it to her for Christmas. Better late than never. (UPDATE: it fits me. I’m keeping it.)


Recycled Harris Tweed


It fits! That means I’ve either 1) gained weight or 2) misestimated how much smaller something is once you add a waistband.

I’m smiling in this picture because I am incapable of not smiling for a picture (ask Andrew Webb who spent two hours asking me awkward questions and taking pictures in hopes that he could get one or two where I’m not mugging. He took my masthead photo.) But inside I am scowling. I woke up at 5:45 so I could write and empty the dishwasher and get shit done without the kids all over me. They have figured this out and now show up dressed, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 6am wanting to hang out. They are so happy to see me and I’m such a bitch about it. I swear, if during the holiday break they set foot outside their room before light, I’m going on strike.


He is also responsible for my foul mood. Would it kill you to sleep in?!?!?!


I am not a great seamstress. I like how I used the original button and flap from the coat, but the waistband didn’t match up so I had to put a dart in.


I have a major boner for red piping.


Up for grabs.


While I had my machine out, I repaired a tear in this coat. Lonny is donating it to the clothing drive.


Lonny hoards the bags that whiskey comes in. He says they are useful for holding Scrabble tiles. One only needs so many tile bags. I wish manufacturers would stop giving out bags, tins and ugly glasses in ‘gift sets’ of booze. It’s such a waste.


Castle Logic. I’d like to get $10 for this. It has all the pieces, instruction manual and is in perfect condition.


Gift bags. Ugh.

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  1. Hi Vivienne, I saw your post on Boulder Rockin’ Mom’s and now I’m following your blog. I love your idea with the Project3650 and I need more things like I need a whole in the head…yet I feel compelled to ask for the wood cars in the plastic bag under the femur…my son has a few of these and LOVES them. If you want to unload them I can come get them. I live off Folsom & Iris. Let me know. Thanks!

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