Project 3650: Items 533-557


High-horse alert! I’m getting on one. Rather ironic since most of my readers (Hi Dad!) have a lower opinion of me now that they’ve seen inside my closets.

It’s funny what we’ll do to try to feel like we are in control of our lives. The truth is that we are never in control. Something totally random could happen and the next thing you know your life is upside down. So we do stuff to make us feel like we are in control. We buy diet pills and make-up and fashionable clothes because we think they will make us prettier/happier, we buy gadgets because we think they will make our lives easier, trinkets because they give us a little rush, junk food because it gives our mouths something to do when we are bored, and now we’re drowning in stuff.

Of course the commerce industry has an answer for us, The Container Store. Buy more stuff to put your stuff in. You might actually spend more money on the stuff you put your stuff in than the actual stuff itself. There is something to be said for having the things you need and use being organized, but for the most part those tidy little plastic containers are little coffins for the stuff we feel guilty for having bought so we keep them to prove that we didn’t waste our money. If you run out of room for your little containers, you can rent space at a storage unit to hide them away but not actually deal with them.

I realize I’m getting on my high-horse right now but suddenly things seem so clear to me. I’ve heard all this before but it is resonating like it never has before.


I’m tired and it’s late. Here’s a bunch of stuff from a cabinet in my office.


Activity books, Lego catalogues and sewing machine stuff (not the instructions).


Who reads this stuff? And a Bakugan card. I’m so glad my boys are over those.


Some blank DVDs (does anyone use those) and some homemade CDs. Nothing racy this time folks. FREE.


Rather nifty vintage box with vials off shells. FREE.


Another reminder of my bag days and a pencil bag I bought in Thailand because of the Engrish. FREE.


I feel guilty just looking at these. I never played them.


Broken frames and duplicates of photographs I have on my computer.


Vintage buttons.


Vintage thread.


Glow in the Dark paints I bought for a show I did. They didn’t come in time. I don’t see anymore blacklight parties in the cards for me.

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