Project 3650: Items 515-532

I really blew my wad yesterday with the kids’ room and a bit worn down by it. Today I focused primarily on the a small pile of things cowering on the edge of my dresser. I think there is value in doing a small amount. It’s kind of like waking up feeling tired but going to the gym and dinking around on the elliptical for 20 minutes. It isn’t the usual hard core workout, but it is better than nothing AND you stay in the habit of going to the gym, or addressing the clutter around you.

Here is my meager offering for the day.

Items from the corner of my dresser, or underneath.

Items from the corner of my dresser, or underneath.


Party favors. The lips are kind of cool because they make this zippy sound … until you’ve heard it for the zillionth time and suddenly it’s not cool anymore. A mini-slinky. Seriously? WHY? The full sized ones only barely work, the mini ones do nothing. NOTHING!


Funny money only redeemable on Earth Day (missed the boat) a choker Lonny got at a garage sale (is he trying to tell me something?) a book cover (makes me look like a granny or a perv).


YMCA Mini Buff Lance Armstrong copycat bracelet and a black jelly bracelet that, according to Urban Dictionary, is an invitation for oral sex. Why yes, that would be lovely. Thank you.


More tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner, tiny soap. Going to the homeless shelter.


Little art sets that kids can fit in their pockets. What could I possibly have against these you ask? Ever see what happens when they go through the washer and drier? I have.


Cute little slippers. I have plantar fasciitis and if it doesn’t have support, I can’t wear it. FREE.


Lincoln Logs. These are great but Lonny found a really amazing vintage set for the kids which I am keeping instead. This is two sets combined. $20. TAKEN.


A Chinese Dynasty timeline that Casey brought home.

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