Craft Project: Butterfly Hat

From the first moment I laid eyes on Alexander McQueen’s magnificent butterfly hat, I knew I had to make one. This past Halloween was the perfect opportunity. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to getting around to blogging about it.


This is actually the second version of this hat.


I laugh at how few butterflies I have in this picture. I think I purchased three times that amount when all was said and done. They are painted feather butterflies. I purchased all sizes and colors because I was desperate, I wiped out all of the butterflies in Boulder county. The styrofoam head was found on eBay for $12. Floral foam is available at Joanne Fabrics.


A spoon and serrated knife are sufficient for the rough shaping.


Do not do this inside! The floral foam dust goes everywhere!


Frequently reference the head for size and fit.


The small holes on a box grater are great for fine shaping.


Leave enough depth for the wire to find purchase.


Affix strips of black fabric with craft glue to the foam. This keeps the wires secure and prevents the foam from crumbling. I’ve read that you can use a latex swim cap, but that doesn’t account for the inside. Floral foam crumbles are very itchy.


Ready to go.


Take the time to secure the attachment points of the wires to the butterflies (even if it seems like they are on tight) with a dab of hot glue. They will come loose from all the handling. Also use a dab of glue where the wire inserts into the helmet, do it as you go.


Version 1.0. I removed all the butterflies because 1) they were falling off because I hadn’t secured them with glue and 2) I didn’t like the way I could see the black helmet. I started over by gluing butterflies directly to the hat and then adding ones on wires.


Party night: I wore a black bra and boy shorts, an Elaina Bodybind and gladiator platforms.  I affixed loose butterflies to hair clips which I attached to the bodybind and shoes. I’m with my main man, Ali G.

17 thoughts on “Craft Project: Butterfly Hat

  1. Are the butterflies and butterfly hat available? I couldn’t tell if they were free or not. If they are free, could you put them in my box. When would you like me to pick it all up.


  2. Be careful darling. That man may seem like Ali G in the sack, but I knew Ali G and he is no Ali G. I have a friend who met “Bobby De Niro” at a bar. Even after the weekend getting the bone at his home, she insisted it was really him. But nooo…He was a look alike shmuck and not the real actor! So what I am saying is just protect your heart!

    • I knew it was him because his ‘art was his second biggest organ! As for our friend who was duped by the DeNiro impostor, she should have smelled a rat when he hit on her. It’s common knowledge that he favors brown sugar.

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  4. Hi Ms. Vivienne I am really in tears when i saw your project cause I am in search of the same kind of butterflies that you used and desperately in search….Thanks to Google I saw your Photo wearing that Magnificent hat…. can I please have the information (sites or contact info) that where you purchased those butterflies

    Appreciate for your response
    More Power
    Christian Catalan

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  6. Years later I found this post and just have to tell you how amazing it is!! I love it, I may have to try it with butterflies and little fake birds! So cool!

    • It’s a fun project to do. Don’t forget to glue some butterflies directly onto the surface of the hat. It gives it a lot of depth. Good luck and send me a picture!

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