Your Brain on Facebook

Your Brain on Facebook

This is me. Totally.

This is me. Totally.

My friend Tabby wrote this piece and I had to repost. I considered stripping all the images and changing a few words and calling it my own, but this is way less work. We walk our dogs every day so many of the sentiments mirror the conversations that led us to deactivate our accounts. I’m on my third or forth day off Facebook and I can’t say I miss it. Yet.

I would, however, miss our daily walks. It’s real time, face-to-face. If we disagree we work through it right then, not after stewing about it and firing off a pissy message. The dog would miss it, too.

2 thoughts on “Your Brain on Facebook

  1. I was surprised and interested to learn you opted out. I considered disabling my account – at least temporarily – a couple weeks ago. My reasons were pretty different from those mentioned in your friend’s post, but I agree with the sentiment she shared. I’m still debating if I’ll do it or not. I’ll be curious to hear if you get any FB cravings in the weeks or months to come.

    • I think I might feel differently if I was in Antarctica but here in Boulder I felt like FB was making my human interactions harder. I felt like I was losing my privacy and that I had been trained to constantly tell FB what I was up to, even though it ultimately made me feel uncomfortable. FB today is very different than it was when I started doing it several years ago, they have slowly been stripping its’ users of their privacy and rights. We never had any rights, of course, it was all an illusion. I have friends who are capable of logging in a few times a week when they are bored but I was far more obsessive about it. I’m glad you are blogging because you and Jeff are two people that I really like to keep up with. Reading your blog is much more enlightening than a status update.

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