Project 3650: Items 558-648

A much easier way of dealing with the piles.

I don’t feel like I should get credit for this, it was too easy. This pile is mostly from my lower linen drawer where I keep my dishtowels and napkins. I have been using cloth napkins for almost 20 years; paper goods don’t have a place in my home. Lonny sometimes picks up paper napkins at garage sales and they sit in the cabinet because I feel bad about using disposables. Since we’ve got kids and do laundry every other day, we really don’t need a month’s supply of cloth napkins and rags.

Most of this came out of that bottom drawer which is not empty, but can close without a shoehorn.

Most of this came out of that bottom drawer which is not empty, but can close without a shoehorn.


My dad gave me a gigantic set of these little napkins he found while cleaning out my grandmother’s house. She sailed around the world in the 1960’s and collected things from all over. These were from Bulgaria and were brand new 50 years later. I adore them and used them to death. The one on the left is what they looked like before a couple years of hard use, like the one on the right.


It’s hard to get rid of stuff when it is cool. So much stuff in this house is vintage and awesome, like this tea towel that I will never use.


I don’t know why this toilet lid cover was in the dishtowels, but I assure you that it is clean. We had it on our lid because we had a housemate who, um, didn’t stand close enough and Lonny liked to remind him of his shortcomings.


“Goodbye Cruel World.”


Another mesh produce bag and Lululemon bag. It’s so ironic that it isn’t.


Look at all these bibs! I intended to keep a couple around for visiting friends with babies, but a whole stack? I’m donating them all. Friends with kids: bring your own bibs!


Another so-ugly-it’s-awesome tea towel, never been used. I’m certain the color will bleed and ruin an entire load of laundry.


Why am I sentimental about these rags? I hated the disposable nature of all baby products, which is why I used cloth diapers that I laundered at home, but you could go through cases of wipes. I had tons of useless little baby blankets so I cut them with pinking shears and kept them in a wipe warmer with water. It was so useful to always have a warm wet washcloth ready to go whenever I needed one. These are the last two scraps that remain. Thank you for your service.

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