Why I Left Facebook (Items 464-514)

Soft robot helmet for kids.

Soft robot helmet for kids.


Exterior spaces reflect interior states, this isn’t news to me. The more I clean up the space outside me, the more I want to make space available inside me. To that end I have gotten off Facebook. I noticed that 2 out of 3 times I am on Facebook, I am either 1) disappointed that there isn’t an interesting post to look at or 2) someone has posted something that gnaws at me for hours. Of course there are positive interactions, the truly hilarious comment lines, the great links, the pictures I love, etc. but I have started feeling like the cost has become too high.

The day of the Newtown school shooting I was shocked to see that people felt that this day, the day 20 first-graders and six teachers were shot to death, this day was an okay day to defend their gun ownership. To me it seemed the only appropriate thing to do was to express grief, outrage, support for the families and the desire to address the problem, but not to crow about your gun. That’s my opinion. There were a lot of people who felt otherwise. They were people that in real life I have had nothing but positive interactions with. Because of Facebook and the way people (and I am guilty of this) posted hastily and with little filter, I suddenly felt conflicted about them. I am sure that if we had been in the same room, looking into each other’s eyes, listening to their words, sympathizing with their reasons, it would have not felt so crass and harsh. Such are the pitfalls of antisocial media.

Later on I had a small group of people over for dinner. It was a perfect evening and I noticed how many times I had to squash the urge to take a picture or post a status update about how much fun we were having and how awesome dinner was. For one, that is only the most boring kind of post ever. Pictures of food? Snore. Then I thought about the friends who weren’t there. Would they be hurt because they weren’t invited? Would someone make more of it than it was? Should I be careful about who I tag or who I allow to see the post?

What a fucking brain-drain and it’s all caused by social media being too closely entwined with how we interact with the real world. But I chose it. I chose to be on Facebook. I chose to post pictures of my life and make status updates even when I feared it would cause problems. I can post a status update expressing outrage about Facebook owning my pictures and words but I put it out there. I clicked “I accept the terms”. So I’m unclicking.

Of all the people I know who have gotten off of Facebook, not one has regretted it. So I’m trying it. I’m clearing out the clutter in my house and now I’m working on the clutter in my head.

I couldn’t figure out how to count this stuff but I think 50 is a fair number. It sure isn’t less than that.

I rifled through the playroom today and hauled all this out.

I rifled through the playroom today and hauled all this out.


More sticker, coloring, activity books for kids. GONE.

An assortment of light sabers and weapons. The kids went through a very short Star Wars phase.

An assortment of light sabers and weapons. The kids went through a very short Star Wars phase. GONE


Matching NASA suits in size 4-6 with hats. Will sell on eBay.



Soft diving bell hat for kids. Will list on eBay.



Firefighter’s overalls. Free.


Street Hockey Mask: GONE


I produced purses and totes made out of juice pouches for a little while. It was a fun business endeavor and taught me a lot about why I never want to get into wholesale and production. Oh, and working craft fairs suck. GONE.


Assorted small toys separated into piles to toss, to send to Kilimanjaro with Jeff, and to donate.


I have no idea why these were in the playroom.


Tiny goggles. FREE.


Wire baskets, yuck. A waterproof apron, a magic set with missing parts, more Lego catalogues, a baby picture frame. FREE.


Micah’s costume from this halloween. FREE.


Colossal pain in the ass. I bought them as gifts for some relatives in Houston but our car was too full. I don’t have a Zen enough attitude to handle this amount of craftiness. GONE.


Part of a knight suit, sword, light saber, rubber Batman mask. GONE.


These are superhero capes I made for Casey’s 5th birthday. Notice the custom monograms and reversible nature. Of course the kids wouldn’t wear them. I bet the kids in Kilimanjaro will. GONE.

13 thoughts on “Why I Left Facebook (Items 464-514)

  1. My friend Greg sent me a little note. I have to quote: “It’s kind of a wonder the way that “real life” goes ever-on in all its messy un-mediated formats, while so many people are seemingly busy Face-fucking their lives away. “Social media” my ass…” Totally awesome Greg!

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  5. Thanks so much for confirming my decision to never get on Facebook in the first place! I’m a Clutter Quenn and badly need to purge…I’ll follow your progress to get inspiration. 🙂 Jenn

    • Good for you! FB caused way more problems than it was worth and it seems that many people are leaving. In the interest of honesty, I have a FB business page to promote this blog, but I only check in once a day to see if someone has a question. My life is better without it.

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  7. I like the term “face fucking” – additionally, I have wanted to cut the Facebook “lifeline” (I say that word in jest). I rarely if ever go to Facebook as it’s a terrible voyeuristic time and brain drain but I have not cut myself off completely. I love this post, however. Definitely nailed it here!

    • I don’t miss fake book at all. The only inconvenience is that some businesses rely on it to disseminate information. I set up a shill account with no friends so I can track a few businesses.

  8. I’ve thought about closing my Facebook so many times, but I don’t think I could as I don’t live in my hometown, whereas my family and a lot of my friends still do, so I like to keep in touch with their lives via Facebook. I have had many purges since I first joined in 2007, but I’m happy with my current band of “friends” 🙂

    • I have exactly three “friends” on my secret account, in the same category as yours: friends from back home. I’m happy with it being just that. Otherwise, I only have an account for business purposes. I think some people (such as yourself) are better with boundaries than I am. Kudos to you for taking control of your life!

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