Your Brain on Facebook

Your Brain on Facebook My friend Tabby wrote this piece and I had to repost. I considered stripping all the images and changing a few words and calling it my own, but this is way less work. We walk our dogs every day so many of the sentiments mirror the conversations that led us to […]

Project 3650: Items 558-648

A much easier way of dealing with the piles. I don’t feel like I should get credit for this, it was too easy. This pile is mostly from my lower linen drawer where I keep my dishtowels and napkins. I have been using cloth napkins for almost 20 years; paper goods don’t have a place […]

Why I Left Facebook (Items 464-514) Exterior spaces reflect interior states, this isn’t news to me. The more I clean up the space outside me, the more I want to make space available inside me. To that end I have gotten off Facebook. I noticed that 2 out of 3 times I am on Facebook, I am either 1) disappointed […]