Project 3650: Items 436-463

So this is my 14th day doing this, the two week mark. I’m starting to actually notice the  effects. Closets aren’t quite so packed, cabinets make sense, I’m getting a little more breathing room. All this comes when Lonny is deep in a coat drive. He volunteers for a local church that offers clothing and household goods free-of-charge to the homeless and needy every Thursday morning. He’s an Atheist, which makes his service at the church rather amusing. He excuses himself from the room when they pray so as to not be disrespectful, which is funny since otherwise he has a no-holds-barred attitude towards talking about how he feels about organized religion in mixed company.

Theological leanings aside, the upshot of the coat drive means that my house is piled high with coats. He collects them from various donation sites, sorts and launders them, and then delivers them to the church. He sells valuable coats to raise money to pay for needed items like warm socks, gloves and hats which he buys in bulk on the internet and has delivered to our house in large boxes …. where they sit around for up to a week. Do you see where this is going?

Lonny is a deeply good man … which makes me feel like a terribly bad person when I complain about how every flat surface seems to be covered with stacks of coats. So even as I clear out the clutter in my life, Lonny is processing hundreds and hundreds of coats to compensate.

But I keep pressing on.


I found all this behind the easy chair in my bedroom.


A little purse the Micah or Casey made in preschool.


My dear friend Lauren Bilbao has the most wonderful decor sense. She repurposes pedestrian items to wonderful effect. I saw her use an old olive oil can to plant herbs. Inspired, I started collecting olive oil cans. There is such thing as too many.


Cute Paul Frank denim purse with a wooden base. My days of carrying around small purses are kind of over for now. I got it before I had kids. It was full of little trinkets. The cute one’s I’ll send with my friend Jeff Wu, to Kilimanjaro.


Linen bags for storage that weren’t storing anything, just each other.


Lovely soap that someone gave me. In our society we are terrified of showing up empty handed so we buy things like this so our hosts know we appreciate them. To my guests, I love you. I want you here and that’s why I invited you. All you ever need to bring is your own sweet self. GONE.


Pipe insulation (WTF), a beanbag and a pump container that had a tiny bit of lotion left that I can’t get to. I hate pump containers. They are so wasteful.

Glass bottles with stoppers, a map, a broken yard stick. A notepad.

Glass bottles with stoppers, a map, a broken yard stick. A notepad.


An old picture (I have it in an album), a bird count check-off sheet (Lonny always comes home from birding with one) and a faux leather storage container. I think storage containers are evil, it and the frame are FREE.

2 thoughts on “Project 3650: Items 436-463

  1. Bless Lonny for being so kind natured! I can see how you feel conflicted with the presence of all the extra things in the house though. I too have noticed how storage containers and bags often store nothing other than more bags….

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