Project 3650: Items 310-340


James, our employee and friend, modeling a Mexican Wrestling Mask. Don’t ask. FREE. The mask, not James.

This is the part of the project I have been dreading. My kids have a really nice playroom but if there are too many toys in there, especially small action figures, they end up getting dumped on the floor and mixed in with the Legos. This says to me that they have too many toys, period.

In an attempt to restore sanity to this house, I culled through the toys, organized them into baggies and put them in a box. Which has been sitting in my office for months. It has been there so long it is practically furniture now but I know how much work getting rid of that stuff is. Lonny has assured me that many of the toys have value so I can’t just chuck them.

Today I busted into the box and am overwhelmed with figurines. I’m listing the collectible stuff on eBay and someone out there stands to get a good deal. I don’t know vintage from modern, it’s all mixed up. Hopefully I’ll get some $$$ out of this endeavor. Meanwhile I have to get it up on auction and reboxed before the kids realize what I’m up to and start crying about how I’m selling their favorite toy that they haven’t thought about or noticed was missing for the last six months.

I’m counting this haul at 30 items, but really it’s more like 300 if you count individual action figures rather than bags. But hey, that’s how I roll.


Galactic Heroes Star Wars figurines


Play Doh with various extruders and cookie cutters. FREE.


Lots and lots of stamps and pads. FREE.


Nerf gun, Storm Trooper Gun, pontoon airplane and truck. FREE.


Cycling gloves. I’m sure I’ll need some of these at one point, but I have no doubt that there are at least a dozen more knocking around the house.


Earmuffs. Does anyone actually like these? They hurt my head. FREE.


Darth Vadar Tie Fighter. The wings are made to break away, presumably so they don’t permanently break off, but they always fall off. Amazingly enough it still has one of the missiles that shoots out. FREE.


This is a nifty castle building block set. My kids loved it but I’m tired of putting everything back in the box. FREE.


Another great idea, but I found that a paper chart worked better. Lots of extra magnets included. FREE.



Mixed lot of Playmobil toys (Knight, Pirate, Island)

IMG_0434 IMG_0429

Mighty World Firefighter, Ocean Rescue and Camping set pieces. I’m listing all three together on eBay as a lot.


Star Wars Bantha. Lonny brought this home complete with harness and Sand People rider. The kids stripped it of its’ value in 5 minutes by losing the parts. I tell you, stuff is totally wasted on kids. Some blankets and pillows, some Legos, paper, colored pencils and books are  really all my kids really play with. Listing on eBay anyway.


Lord of the Rings Action Figures, missing most of their weapons. Listing on eBay.


Large lot of die-cast airplanes, trucks and cars in various conditions.

IMG_0402Toy Story figurines.


Lonny brought home a giant box of these Star Wars game pieces. I don’t know what the game is but they are kind of nifty. Some shoot little rods, which then get lodged in the vacuum cleaner.


Cars die-cast figurines.


Lot of Star Wars figurines. Some are collectible. Listing on eBay.



I used to love wearing Kangol hats. When my hairdresser broke up with me (bitch) I tried a new salon. The stylist talked me into a pixie haircut which made me look like a hedgehog. You don’t cut hair like mine really short because it won’t lay down, it just grows up and out and out and out. I wore a hat for six months to cover it up. I was so distraught by the haircut that I refused to be photographed, but now I wish I had a picture because it was so funny. I was lamenting my cut to an elderly woman at the gym and she reassuringly patted my arm and said, “That’s okay dear. We know you aren’t a dyke.” Right. The upside is that I found Penny afterwards and she gives me the best cuts in the world for only $35. I love my Penny.

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