Project 3650: Items 283-309


Today my first batch of eBay items “matured”. It wasn’t a bad haul, I sold 17 out of 27 items and made about $300. I learned a few things about what my threshold of effort is. For now, if I don’t make $10 (after shipping) it’s not worth the effort. Good to know. I had to take a crash course in shipping and I’m pretty sure Lonny is sick of me. After I asked him for the zillionth time how I should ship something under 13 ounces he said, “Maybe you ought to write this down.” Welcome to my world Lonny, heh heh.

Micah was home sick today. I’m not one of those moms that dotes on her kids when they get sick. Sure, you can stay home but you have to do what I’m doing and it isn’t going to be fun, especially no more fun than kindergarten. Kindergarten is awesome: you have snacks, you have recess, sing songs, go to P.E., have free-time, see your buddies, go to art class. If you stay home with me you are going to have to sit silently through breakfast with my girlfriends and then you must tag along with me at the Gaiam sample sale.

Micah was a champ at breakfast and I was a champ at the sale. I bought exactly three things: two wooden yoga blocks and a nighty, which I didn’t end up paying for because I forgot my checkbook and my friend Desi paid for the stuff with the “Gaiam Bucks” that she got for being an awesome HR person. In previous years I would have gone to town on the sale because the prices were so good ($5 a shirt, $10 a dress, etc) and ended up with stuff I felt marginal about. This kind of thing sets off mindless spending in me. And best of all, I got scouted for their catalogue! Who knows, maybe I’ll get a modeling gig out of this. Hopefully they won’t mind that the only pictures I can provide with my current haircut involves me on a pole.

There was a lot of scrambling to get my sold items out the door and now I have a new appreciation for what Lonny does day-in and day-out. After pole class tonight I somewhat dreaded having to dig up ten items. It turns out that it was a piece of cake, all I had to do was open my coat closet. I call it my anxiety closet because it is stuffed so full that it takes a shoehorn to get anything in or out of it. Even after I took all this crap out of it, it is still crammed.


The boys’ jackets are in there and they are the worst. Lonny finds awesome jackets all the time and brings them home. As a result they have about 10 winter jackets each. I kept two each and the rest are getting donated.


Lonny used to have a business called Old School Shoes where he collected vintage athletic shoes. He has a soft spot for them but when it comes to the kids, I want easy shoes. Shoes that fit, shoes that go on easily, shoes they can do themselves. Lonny taught the boys to tie laces but they still kinda stink at it. I don’t need the extra brain damage in the morning.


Assorted hats. I’m giving the floppy ones to Tabby because she seems to like that kind of thing. I need a pretty big brim these days so they don’t pass muster anymore.


Lightweight Patagonia fleeces. The red one has holes, the blue one is on the edge of wearing through.


The Barbicide jar was a gift from an airstream full of young men who passed through a couple years ago. They were friends of a housemate (Scott Quintavalle) and I got to enjoy their company for a few days. Lonny was out of town and I appreciated having other people around to keep me company and distract the kids. They were raising money with a Million Dollar Roadtrip and picked up a lot of schwag along the way. I thought it would be cute to mix drinks in the Barbicide jar. Never happened. The Tangrams was from when my ex and I were going on a family trip to Cozumel. We went there every winter to scuba dive and this time around our plane got delayed for 12 hours. I purchased this at the gift shop to keep us busy, it took about 15 minutes to get bored of it. Now you can do it on your iPad. A basket of dead batteries and assorted junk.


More early pottery attempts. The stonewear box and planter are heavy and poorly balanced. I botched the glaze on the footed vessel. One mitten, a graduation tassel from 2012.


Leftover matchbook Valentines from last year. I was feeling pretty crafty and made about 100 of these for both Casey and Micah’s classes. The chocolate inside is stale, incase you were wondering. I ate them anyway.


Cool suede jacket. I think I’ll consign it unless you want to make me an offer.


Joseph Ribkoff sweater coat. I was going through a “sweater phase” last year and bought this even though it weighs 20 pounds. I’ll consign it, too.

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