Project3650: Items 254-282

I’m still completely wiped out today, I might be coming down with something. The regular walk with Blue and Tabby had me dragging and I’m moving extra slow. I’m performing this weekend and need to reserve my strength or else it will be three-and-a-half minutes of me body waving and making faces at the audience. I will be wearing excellent lingerie, though. I was hoping to really knock this one out of the park and bust 300 today but it wasn’t meant to be. If you love vintage clothing (Neka) today’s haul may just be for you.


This isn’t my dress but Lonny tossed it on the pile because he thinks it may be valuable. It’s a vintage dress from the 1920’s, gorgeously made and beaded. It actually fits me which is strange for vintage clothing, which tend to run very small. Maybe it was worn by a tranny. I’m listing it on eBay.


Ditto this coat. Lonny thinks it is worth big $$$, it’s so bright you could see it from space. I’m putting Lonny’s eye to the test, is it really worth something? Listing on eBay.


A worthless pile of crap. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Back in the good ole days you could take clay home from the studio to hand-build. I built entire sets of dishes on my kitchen butcher block. I have some clay left over, a slump mold to make egg crates (didn’t work out) and rubber alphabet embossers. Like hot glueing shells to ceramics, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m donating them.


Paper patterns I made for old birdhouse projects, Chinette plates I used to dry my plates (recycle) and tiles which are the last remains of two beautiful harvest tables I made for the porch of the house I lived in with my ex. We I threw amazing dinner parties out there. My neighbor helped me make the tables that – like my marriage – weren’t built to last. They were lovely while they lasted.


Halloween candy I confiscated from my kids, shoeboxes, magazines and softball socks from when Casey was in Little League. Jesus, thank God that’s over. That was a spirit-killing endeavor. Some poor kid would get stuck batting and strike out so many times that they would have to haul out the T. Meanwhile Casey would be languishing in the dugout while some little fucker would steal his cap or throw dirt in his face. Good riddance.


Gift bags. They seem like I good idea but I never use them. I’m more likely to hand you a gift unwrapped. My biggest gifts are my attention, a place at my kitchen table, access to my social life. You can’t wrap that.


I made this tote that converts to a backpack one winter when I was dreaming of going to the Farmer’s Market in the summer with my kids. We would walk home hand-in-hand with carrot tops peaking out of the bag. The reality is our market is like a rave with kids and dogs and bikes and people everywhere, I panic just thinking about it. But I still spent probably $75 making a kitschy bag that you could get from Sherpani for less. But it’s free for you!


More kids’ artwork and magazines. Scan and recycle.


Jewelry from Kohls that my mother-in-law gave me. I love her to bits but I really don’t need jewelry. A TAG book I don’t have the right reader for. A Franklin Covey mini organizer (who needs that when you have an iPhone, which I don’t have or need), jars of vinegar water and slip for ceramics.

One thought on “Project3650: Items 254-282

  1. Wow Wee!! That art deco dress is Ah Maze Ing!! & yes, the “larger” (ahem, wearable) sizes are harder to come by. The fact that it is a color other then black, adds to the value as well. Any tags?? That coat is pretty fabulous too, I’m guessing early sixties. If it is by a high end designer it is worth some cash, but I think your money maker is that evening dress.

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