Project 3650: Items 209-253

Yesterday’s posting was a little alarming and I got lots of inquiries about my health and well-wishes. Thanks everybody! It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. I made the sleep of the dead at 8pm and woke up feeling hung over, stress hormone overload. Someone commented that this project must be really stressful and it’s taking it’s toll. Actually no.

Yes it is work, more work than I had before I was doing it, but I’ve also cut out many things to make room for it. It is one of the things in my day that feels truly useful. You know how you feel after you have a garage sale and all that stuff is out the door and you have a little cash and you’re feeling pretty cute? I feel that way every day now. I am figuring out how to manage the interim stage where stuff kind of lingers while on auction, but given that it is a temporary state, it feels okay.

I utilize some local Freecycle lists to off-load things that are still useful and it feels amazing when someone picks something up and is truly grateful. Like this guy today, he picked up a bag of frozen peaches that I knew I would never eat. He was totally psyched and I did that! I made his day! How awesome is that?

I’m not sure how many people will be psyched about the pile of crap I am listing today but you never know until you try.

IMG_0188This load was easy to find, it was all hiding behind my office door on a shelf and in one of those nifty storage cubes. The cube is empty, I think I might get rid of it just to reduce future temptation to save this kind of shit. I have a friend who married a woman with hoarding tendencies. When they remodeled their condo they made sure to not have any cabinets in the kitchen so she wouldn’t be tempted to shove stuff in them, just clean shelves. I think I may do that one day.

IMG_0192 Major heartbreaker. I made this matching costumes for the boys when they were 2 and 3 1/2. The purple hippo is Casey’s and the blue bunny is Micah’s. I made them to match their favorite lovies, complete with front carriers so Bubu and Dida could go trick-or-treating with them. Of course they refused to wear them, opting for the crappity Woody and Buzz costumes Lonny brought home from Goodwill.

I forced them to wear the costume for a picture.

I forced them to wear the costume for a picture.

Micah cried the whole time.

Micah cried the whole time.

I refuse to make costumes ever again as a result.


Makeup I will never wear, a hot glue gun (already have one) and a couple pillows.IMG_0193

These are cool if you are into Natural Infant Hygiene (Diaper Free Training) they are split crotch cotton pants that pull open for easy pottying. They were great for my boys, fits 3 to 9 month-olds.IMG_0194

Scraps of fabric. I’m never going to make a quilt. There. I said it.

IMG_0195Nice purses. I will post them all on eBay. There is Coach, Sak, Kazuyo Nakano and Giani Bernini.




Random magazines, discs, an alarm clock that projects onto the ceiling.

IMG_0197Bankers’ boxes full of old manuals and warrantees for kitchen appliances. BONUS: Lonny found SubZero decals to stick over our Kenmore tags. Now all our appliances are SubZero! One is full of picture frames (I took the pictures out and will scan them).

IMG_0198A Lego manual, I don’t think we ever had this kit. A box of cards some old dude gave to me during my barista days. He must have been, um, moved by me.

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