Project 3650: Items 125-151


27 Items for today, not bad for being in a weakened state.

I am nursing a wicked hangover today. We went to our first holiday party of the year and I got into the Rye. I do this to myself at the beginning of every holiday season, you’d think I’d know by now. Anywhoooo, I wandered downstairs at 3am when I couldn’t get back to sleep and was completely mesmerized by Snackmaster Infomercials. At one point I picked one of those up at a thrift store and started a Snackmaster Challenge wherein I would make something new every day. It didn’t last very long. I don’t want this project to go down that same road, I’d like to stick with it.

I have to say that I am exhilarated by identifying things to get rid of. I feel like I am doing something positive for my life. I get off on getting rid of stuff and if I make some money doing it, more’s the better. Mostly I love making space. Every pile of stuff, neat and tidy as it may be, sucks the energy out of me. It is just a reminder of how out of control my life feels sometimes. I don’t think I can ever truly control my life, especially with a family in tow, but I would rather spend my time enjoying my kids than being pissed off about how messy the house is. I would rather write or create something than engage in the constant shoving of stuff around, which really is what organizing, at least in my mind.

Given my current weakened state, I’m going easy. These are all items that I’m tossing out. Most of them have been hibernating in a vintage filing cabinet. Out of sight, out of mind.

This ceramic box has been on my windowsill forever. Old letters, dead batteries, receipts from a decade (no joke) ago. I'm keeping the box and tossing the rest.

This ceramic box has been sitting on my windowsill for seven years. The sill is obscured by my desk so it’s an easy thing to ignore. The stuff inside is at least that old if not older. I’m keeping the box and tossing the rest.


I made these fleece babywearing ponchos when Micah was an infant. I wore him for almost six months, never using a stroller. It was the winter and I loved how I could strap him on me and then put this poncho over both of us. We stayed warm and I didn’t have to dress him warmly to go outside. People loved these, they are the perfect gift for a new mom. FTAGH (Free To A Good Home)

Perfume, empty bottles, zippered bags, etc. I tend to hoard the zippered bags because they are great for storing clothes. Aside from putting away seasonal clothing (which I do in a big box) I don’t want to store anything anymore.IMG_0124

Soft, acrylic “pashmina” scarves. You can see that they have never been used. FTAGH (Free To A Good Home)IMG_0123 I am simply the worst at playing games with my kids. We buy them and never use them. Extra invitations to a Lego Birthday party. FTAGH (Free To A Good Home)IMG_0122 Very cute fake Coach bag. FTAGH (Free To A Good Home)

IMG_0121I’m keeping the bottle cap purse thingy, but the stuff inside is trash.

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