Project 3650: Items 60-82

Today was an ass-kicker. I went through my clothes a few weeks ago when I did the summer to winter changeover. The weather has been so wonky that I waited until almost December to pack up the shorts. Can you say climate change? I donated the stuff that I didn’t think had any resale value and piled the rest in my office. I often consign clothes because it’s easy but I find that I end up using the credit to buy more clothes. The few places that give you cash upfront offer such pittances that I’d almost rather give stuff away. Then there is eBay.

Lonny makes a living selling stuff on eBay but I didn’t want to heap my stuff onto his already insurmountable pile of goods so I listed it all myself. Jesus, it took forever! Lonny warned me that lots of stuff doesn’t sell so I shouldn’t be too disappointed. He was itching to give me advice but like a three year-old I insisted on “Doing it self”.

If you are into Lululemon, 7 For All Mankind, X2 Denim Lab, Patagonia, prAna or Athleta, check out what I have to offer. Seriously, I don’t know how often I will do this. It took all day. Hopefully this experience will burn itself into my subconscious and I will think twice about an impulse buy or going shopping to fill some kind of void.

You will have to cut and paste the tinyurl I listed under each item if you want to see it on eBay. The auction expires Thursday, December 13th.

A friend gave me a 50% off coupon to use on whatever I wanted at Patagonia, no limit. I found myself buying stuff just because “it was such a good deal”.


No matter how nice this top is, it reminded me of my nursing tanks.


My crazy aerobic teacher gave me this as a prize.


Why is this picture so small?


Pretty suede skirt from Banana Republic. It was always a little tight and I’m not getting any smaller.


I have so much denim. These were personal favorites of mine, X2.


I was on some stupid quest for new jeans, I don’t know why, I have a shitload in my dresser. These looked good in the consignment store but kept falling down.


Very cute but I bought it too big.


These fit me when I was at my absolute, intervention inspiring, skinniness. I would be lying if I said it isn’t hard to part with them, and the knowledge that I will never be that thin again.


I used to love these jeans. I loved them so much. They made me feel like a rock star.


I was on a Lululemon can do no wrong kick. If it was new in the store, I had to have it. This isn’t the best cut for me.


Yup, another pair of 7 jeans.


Great top but I just don’t need that much support. I hate bras and this thing makes me feel like I’m wearing a breastplate.


Really cute dress that makes me think of my Mia Farrow days when Lonny and I were falling in love.


Lonny got these used for the boys. Corduroy shorts? My kids? Oh no you didn’t.


There are two white Lulu shirts in this auction. Both I got used so I don’t feel too bad. I wore them a lot.


It’s like some parental wet dream of how their kids should look when riding in a car. No gadget will ever make a kid this organized and self contained.


Somehow this ended up in my office. My kids never wore it but it’s a great little jacket. This is the kind of stuff you find for free. FREE! in Boulder. People are so wealthy they just give this stuff away.


Cute jeans. I can’t bend my knees in them.


Lonny got this Lulu raincoat for me at a thrift store. Yes, I love Lulu, but I’d rather have the money.

I thought this would be a good idea for road trips. Not so much.

I thought this would be a good idea for road trips. Not so much.

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